Get Strong With The 11 Bodyweight Exercises Our Trainers Love


I’ve always been a huge fan of bodyweight exercises, but they’re becoming more important than ever as we face unprecedented times of self-isolation and home workouts. For many of us, life as we know it has changed. We no longer have access to our gyms, pools, running groups or boot camps, and we’ve had to adapt to training in our backyard or in our homes. But that’s the beauty of bodyweight training! It doesn’t require a huge amount of space, you don’t need any equipment and they give you plenty of bang for your buck!

So check out some of our 12WBT trainer favourites below!


This bodyweight exercise focuses on lower body strengthening, it’s a highly functional movement, requires limited space and works all the major muscles of the legs (quads, hamstrings and calves). Ideal for a beginner too.




Jump Squats

A more intense variation of the Squat, this exercise is guaranteed to elevate the heart rate, burns big calories and gets you fit fast!


Static lunges

Lunges are a single-leg bodyweight exercise that works your quads, hamstrings, glutes and core. Lunges can also help with lower body endurance and strength and can be performed by beginners.


Power Lunges (forward or backward)

Mastering both movements (forward and back), will not only light up your glute muscles but they will improve your balance and hip flexibility.


Plyometric Lunges

This variation has us in high gear! A real calorie kicker that creates the best burn in our legs and butt. Ouch!


Turkish Get-ups

Turkish Get Ups are highly functional so they require so many muscles working together. It also burns a ton of calories and is considered very advanced in nature. Omit using a dumbbell to make it more achievable.



Push-ups rule supreme! Not everyone can do full Push-ups as you have to be strong! Start these on your knees and build up to doing them on toes.




I have a love/hate relationship with Burpees! They’re killer for working all muscle groups, has your heart rate through the roof and sheds a truckload of calories. There are lots of variations on this- easier- use a bench and omit the jump or harder- add a tuck jump and a full push-up at the bottom. Eek!



These are one of my favourites and as a runner I include these in most of my training all year round. A great lower body conditioning movement that targets quads, glutes and hamstrings and helps with balance and stabilisation.


Tricep Push-ups

You have to be strong to do these ones too! Keep your elbows tucked in as you push up to recruit the triceps along with complimentary support from the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and core. Less intense options can be performed on your knees or against a wall as you build up to your toes.



Planks don’t just work your core- they work your entire body: your arms, your legs, and all of your abs, making them an all-encompassing workout and a more efficient way to exercise. They can also be modified to suit what your body needs, or what your fitness level is. 


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Dane Pollock, BPED
Dane is an experienced Support Crew member in our Trainer/Fitness team and has always been passionate about helping people to live their healthiest and most rewarding lives. After completing a Bachelor in Physical Education, her initial plan of becoming a PE teacher took a turn as she started teaching Group Fitness at Les Mills and went on to train as a Personal Trainer. Group Fitness then took her travels globally as she worked as a trainer and presenter for Les Mills in Australia, the UK and NZ and as a Group Fitness Manager across various clubs around the world. As an avid runner, Dane loves looking after our 12WBT runners.

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