Are You Breaking These 7 Rules of Group Classes?


Group training classes are an awesome way to amp up your fitness, stay motivated, socialise and get the most out of a workout – but there are unspoken rules you may be breaking without even realising!

1. Always be on time for classes

Aim to arrive at your class at least 5 minutes early. That way you’ll have plenty of time to set up (if you need to) and take a breather before the class begins. No instructor likes stragglers who rock up mid-way through the warm up and disrupt the rest of the class. What if you’re late to a class just once? No worries – just don’t be that person who does it every week!

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2. Leave enough space between you and your surrounding workout buddies

Personal space is key in sweaty exercise classes, so leave at least a couple of metres between you and your neighbour. There’s nothing worse than having someone cramp your space – especially when your smashing out your high leg kicks or barbell clean and presses!

3. Don’t forget your sweat towel

You never want to be “that person” who leaves a trail of sweat on the ground around their area. We want to see you smashing your workout and absolutely dripping in sweat! But implement regular person hygiene and wipe it up from the ground, your mat or the spin bike when you’re done.

4. Switch off technology

Group exercise classes are for just that, EXERCISING. No one appreciates when phones constantly beep throughout the session – it’s a big distraction! So switch your phone to silent as soon as you walk in the door and focus your energy on what’s going on in the room. Use the session as a chance to forget about the outside world and do something good for both your body and mind.

5. Follow the instructor (unless you’re injured)

Be respectful of the instructor and let the instructor lead the class. It’s not a time for you to make up your own exercises if you don’t feel like following on. Group sessions are all about everyone moving as one! Doing your own thing is distracting for everyone around you. If you need to modify an exercise due to injury, speak to the instructor before the class and they can help you with alternatives.

6. Wait your turn

You’re not catching a train in peak hour and needing to hustle to make it on! Be patient and wait your turn during the session. Whether that’s lining up outside beforehand waiting for the previous class to finish, or stacking you equipment away at the end.

7. Don’t mix chit chat and training

Being in the centre of the studio with your bestie surrounded by eager exercisers is not the appropriate time to catch up on gossip. Most people in the class want to make the most of their sweat session without the distraction of others chatting. Leave your catching up until you’ve smashed your exercises, worked up a good sweat and the class is finished.

Stephanie King BAppSc (Ex&SpSc), MBus (Marketing)
With a strong passion for human health, nutrition and physiological functioning, Stephanie lives and breathes all things wellness. Her Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise and Sport allowed her to delve deeply into the inner workings of the human body and develop a strong understanding of how to integrate physical activity with disease prevention and the promotion of good health, rehabilitation, nutrition and sports performance. If she’s not training at the gym or going for runs, you’ll find her sipping on an iced long black near one of Sydney’s harbour or beach spots!

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