Discover Your Inner Sports Star (And Burn Calories)


Sport is just for those wannabe Olympians who slug their expensive gear around in trendy sports-label bags, right? While these ‘fitness types’ certainly exist, sport is really just about having fun – and it’s a great way to burn calories while you’re at it. Here’s why:

Sport Isn’t Dull

12WBT Members are often surprised that they grow to love exercising after doing it for a while. What at first seems like a chore more tedious than doing the vacuuming becomes something they not only want to do, but feel they NEED to do.

Like anything though, working out can get a bit ho-hum if you do the same exercises day in, day out. Perhaps it’s time to shake things up a bit and get into some of the fabulous summer sports that make this time of year so awesome.

Anything but dull, a game of beach volleyball or touch footy can be way more fun than pounding a treadmill. What’s more, you don’t have to be super-fit to play casually. Just have a go!

Playing Sport Feels Great

The feel-good hormones that are released when we work out are rather addictive! But these good vibes aren’t just released at the gym, they’re also pumped through your body whenever you get active – and that includes playing a game of soccer or even tossing a frisbee.

Playing Sport Will Burn Calories

Did you know just an hour of splashing fun playing Marco Polo with your mates or kids can burn 252 calories? Or that an hour of smashing a volleyball over the net with friends at the beach will smoulder away 442 calories?

Better yet, a fun game of touch football will burn a whopping 505 calories per hour! 12WBT has crunched the numbers in our graphic above so you can see just how effective a casual game with friends really is when it comes to weight loss.

You Can Do it Anywhere!

You don’t need a gym membership to play a game of backyard cricket with the family or to kick a soccer ball with mates at the nearest oval. And why not take your workout to a different setting? Discover your local sports grounds and invite your mates to join you.

You Can Play Sports with Your Mates or Kids

As you might have realised by now, the best thing about team sports is being able to play them with your friends or children. The bonding that happens when you all work together to play the best game you can is very special.

So grab your friends and family and make your workout a fun-filled affair. You’re sure to end up loving team sports!

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