Here’s Why That Last 5kg Won’t Shift

Even after a great weight loss or fitness journey, those last few kilos can seem impossible to shift.

Read on to explore some reasons for this plateau, and ideas to nudge things on!

1. No calorie deficit

On approach to your goal weight, you need to increase your efforts to burn the same amount of calories and shift that weight.

One of the biggest misconceptions with this is that as you are leaner, you can introduce MORE calories to your day, as you will burn it off just as quickly.

Here’s what the trap looks like in practice:  you complete an awesome workout, burning lots of calories, you feel great about it and sit down to a calorie overload as a reward.

Not only does this push your calories way over for the day, but your body never gets to work on those last few kilos specifically, as there is no real deficit in place.

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2. Drop in focus, willpower and motivation

Having the magic number in sight can often lead to taking the foot off the gas and encourage a more relaxed approach food and exercise.

If you’ve been working diligently on your weight loss journey, there’s a chance that the light at the end of the tunnel is providing a comfort zone. Stay focused!

3. Getting slack with portions and snacking

With a less-than-focused routine and some complacency, comes the odd bit of snacking or loose portion sizes.

Meals get less controlled with overall size, ratios and ingredients, which of course was probably what contributed to a little weight gain before the process of losing it began.


4. You’re over or under-training

Finding a happy place with your exercise is imperative, as losing your mojo with intensity is an obvious factor to hinder results, whilst going too hard can bring about less-than-desirable results with symptoms of overtraining.

Taking a look at where you can change things up with your exercise routine.

5. Your body ‘set point’ has been reached

Our bodies are always doing their best to keep us healthy, and research shows most of us will have a weight ‘set point’ which our bodies deem optimal (even if this is clinically overweight).

It takes patience and persistence to recalibrate your body’s set point and shift those last few kilos.

6. You’re not getting enough sleep or hydration

Adequate hydration assists with metabolic rate, while sleep can impact your results with your body composition from losing body fat, to muscle growth and recovery.

Sleep regulates the hunger hormones, so get your shut eye for less pangs!

7. You’re stressed

Stress increases the production of the hormone cortisol, and this is never a good thing.

High levels of cortisol can be associated with carb cravings, anxiety, inflammation, sleep disturbances, insulin resistance and well.. STRESS.

Being stressed is simply not helpful when trying to reduce body fat.


Louise McDonald, Cert III & Cert IV Fitness
Louise has been a Trainer and Wellness Coach for almost 20 years and is one of our experienced Support Crew members in Fitness, as our Lean and Strong Captain! Louise has worked passionately with all levels of fitness over the years across both Australia and the UK, where she has specialised in competition training with athletes for the last decade. She has worked closely with top level competitors and even our own 12WBT peeps to bring home a National Trophy! She lives, breathes, eats and sleeps weight training and is super passionate about teaching others how to reach their full potential.

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