Too Cold To Go Outside? Take It Indoors With This Workout

Reviewed by: Tim Pittorino, BHSC

There are so many ways to mix up your training and even your location, one being using the stairs to pump out a tough session.

Using a staircase can be an excellent way to get your heart pumping, break a sweat in the absence of gym equipment and it’s the perfect solution to rainy or gloomy day blues if the thought of going outside sucks.

Using the stairs and ditching the elevator can work wonders for your fitness level and helps to target both cardio fitness and nice toning for an all round approach to your routine.

Try this workout to challenge yourself to new heights!

Indoors Warm Up

Low fast steps – 2 minutes


Jogging on the spot – 2 minutes 


Jogging up and down stairs 



Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and between each effort; jog up and down the stairs for 30 seconds. Complete 2 rounds all up for a super intense workout!

Jogging up and down stairs – do this between each of the exercises listed.

Squat Jumps | Squat and jump up on to the first step, pause and jump squat back down to start position.

Push ups 


Reverse lunges 


Mountain Climbers with hands on steps 


Drop squat jumps 


Perform squat jump by landing on the next step down and return back up after each rep.

Burpee box jumps

Box Jumps

Reverse crunches


In and out jump ups | Start at the bottom of stairs with feet hip width apart then jump up a step and bring feet together, then jump up again and feet back to hip width. Continue the exercise this way.

Arm step ups | Hold in the plank position at the first step, use one hand to step up on to the first step, then the other hand and repeat in the same order back down to the start position. Repeat using the other hand as the lead and continue this way.

Cool Down

Spend 5 minutes cooling down and complete a full body stretch to end your session!

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Louise McDonald, Cert III & Cert IV Fitness
Louise has been a Trainer and Wellness Coach for almost 20 years and is one of our experienced Support Crew members in Fitness, as our Lean and Strong Captain! Louise has worked passionately with all levels of fitness over the years across both Australia and the UK, where she has specialised in competition training with athletes for the last decade. She has worked closely with top level competitors and even our own 12WBT peeps to bring home a National Trophy! She lives, breathes, eats and sleeps weight training and is super passionate about teaching others how to reach their full potential.

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