Burn 300 Calories with this Ultimate Pool Workout

pool workout

With the weather warming up, there’s no better place to train this summer than in the water. Whether in a rock pool, in your backyard pool or at the local swimming centre, this pool workout is guaranteed to burn massive calories without breaking a single sweat!

Some tips before we get started:

  • If have an injury that flares up if you attempt a more conventional land workout, then the water is the BEST and safest place you can train. With minimal impact on joints, water training can be mastered by just about anyone – kid’s too! 
  • For most of these exercises, the deeper the water, the more resistance you’ll feel. So, find a depth that suits you for each individual exercise, and as you get fitter, up the ante and challenge yourself by going deeper. It’ll feel like a new workout every time!
  • If you feel like you’re not a strong swimmer, then you’re actually at a major advantage here. The more you have to work, the more calories you’ll burn (for example, Olympic swimmers would burn minimal energy with their endurance and efficiency in the pool.)
  • For maximum burn and workout effectiveness, work your way through each swimming stroke (just substitute ‘Freestyle’ for your chosen stroke). However, if you can only do freestyle or breaststroke, then stick to those styles! Don’t waste time or energy trying to swim in a way that feels impossible, and just work hard in the style that feels right for you!

Here’s a handy list of swimming strokes and their benefits:

Butterfly – Is by far the hardest and burns the most amount of calories, so it’s worth trying a couple of laps if you’re up for it.

Backstroke – This works your postural muscles better than any other stroke. To balance out all the forward work, try adding a few laps.

Breaststroke – A great recovery stroke when you’re really buggered.

Freestyle– The most common stroke that gets you through the water the fastest. If you’re using this one, go all-out!


Pool Workout

Total time:  22 mins

Warm Up:  5 mins

10 x Knee Pull ups – Alternating

10 x Side stretches – Alternating

10 x Arm Circles – Backwards

1 minute x Jogging forward and backwards through the water.

1 minute x Star Jumps – These are really hard when the water is up to your neck.

30 secs x Hopping – Each leg

Workout:   15 mins

AMRAP Circuit

Get through as many ROUNDS as you can in 15 mins.

25m x Freestyle – Or try Butterfly

10 x Jumps over bench – Jumping side to side over an invisible box

25m x Freestyle – Or try Backstroke

10 x Tuck Jumps – Jump up high, bring your knees to your chest

25m x Freestyle – Or try Breastroke

10 x Cross Country Ski Shuffle – Moving your arms and legs like a cross country skier

25m x Freestyle –  Or choose the stroke that gives you the most benefit

10 x High Knee Running – To make it harder go deeper and pump your arms through the water

25m x Freestyle – Or choose the stroke that gives you the most benefit

10 x Wall Push Ups – Hands on the top of pool shelf/wall. Push up so your trunk is out of the water, lower slowly, this uses your tricep muscles.

Cool Down:  2 mins

25m x Freestyle – Try to really stretch out your sides

25m x Breaststroke – Just catch your breath, no PB’s for this one


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Tim Pittorino, BHSC
Tim has been working in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years as Personal trainer, holistic health coach as well as an Australian strength & conditioning coach. Tim has a degree in Health Science and is currently completing a Masters in Human Nutrition. After studying all things physiological for 20 years Tim now enjoys branching out into the other areas of wellness including mental health and emotional resilience. Tim’s lifetime goal is to see just how good the human body can feel, he loves to continually experiment with tried and proven methods as well as trying all the cool new findings.

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