Two Workouts To Earn Your Burn – Summer Edition

We’re smack bang in the middle of summer – and we bet you’re probably as busy as us! Maybe you’re back at work, or entertaining the kids during school holidays, or still busy with social commitments, BBQs and get togethers, but we promise you there is still time to fit a workout in! We made some special videos with Chooky that will give you a big workout in a short time.

Butt Lifter

Lift and shape that booty with this workout that will get that tush toned in no time!

Flat Tummy Fast

Incorporate this quick tummy workout into your routine and you’ll be tightening and strengthening your core!

Looking for more great ways to earn your burn? Check out 12WBT’s Express Workouts – a set of time-efficient workouts you can squeeze, stack or jam into your workout schedule.


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