5 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Yoga


If you’re new to yoga – or even if you’re a seasoned pro – there are some common mistakes nearly all of us make. Here’s how to correct them and get the most out of your yoga session!

1. You go too fast

If you’re used to high-intensity training, where speed and reps are essential, the slow pace of yoga will feel very strange!

The trick is to not rush each move, and rather focus on core strength and form.

2. You expect too much, too soon

Yoga is in fact a deeply meditative, spiritual practice that’s evolved over thousands of years. While the benefits to the body – strength, tone and agility – are proven, it’s not the same as an F45 class.

Results take time – so don’t rush, and don’t give up too soon! Also remember that yoga will help your anxiety and stress levels, which are just as important as that tight tummy (if not more!).

3. You forget to breathe properly

Breathing is as essential to yoga as weights are to strength training – proper, regulated oxygen flow helps relax the body and creates more fluid movement. It also helps you unwind!

A lot of newbies either hold their breath for too long (and get dizzy) or have short, shallow breath which limits their ability to stretch into the moves.

Focus on deep, slow breathing. If in doubt, ask your instructor for tips on how to breathe properly during yoga.

4. You give up after a handful of sessions

See point two – yoga is a long-game, baby!  It was designed to be a daily practice for life, so see it as an essential part of your long-term wellbeing.

5. You worry too much about how you look

This is a big one. It’s easy to get caught up in the beautified images of young yogis practicing by a gorgeous Bali beach, or showing off their toned bodies in a trendy class.

While this is an admittedly beautiful aesthetic, it’s juts one facet of the practice.

And, the most important thing to remember is that yoga is about letting go of the ego.  Its about feeling connected to your body with compassion – not insecurity!

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