Alexa Towersey’s Daily Checklist of Wellness Tips

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Alexa Towersey is a celebrity trainer and nutrition/lifestyle coach with over 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry.

We’re excited to have partnered with her for the amazing  Fire Up Program, which focuses on low impact, high-intensity exercise.

Alexa Towersey’s fitness journey began when she was 15 and bullied for being too skinny. Kids can be awful, can’t they?! Fortunately, Alexa managed to turn this around and the weights room became her sanctuary. It was the first place that she began to understand her potential and develop her strength both physically and mentally.

That gift of empowerment is something she passes on to all her clients.

Now she wants to pass on her awesome daily wellness strategies to our 12WBT Lifers. They will help you practice gratitude, develop resilience and maintain a positive mindset. Give them a go and see what a difference they can make!

1. Positive affirmations

I have a big note stuck on my fridge that says ‘Today is going to be an awesome day’, and I repeat that every time I go to the fridge, and that’s A LOT considering I’m always hungry!

2. Vision board

I created a vision board with everything that I want in my life, which prominently features words and photos cut out from magazines. It sits at the end of my bed, so it’s the first thing I see when I wake up and before I go to bed.

3. Positive visualisation

I ‘see’ the positive outcome of a situation, whether that be acing an exam, winning a sporting match or nailing a job interview, and attach emotion to it. For me, it’s the most effective form of meditation.

4. Gratitude journal

Every night I write down 3 things I learnt today. 1 kind thing I did for someone, 1 kind thing I did for someone else, and 5-10 things I’m grateful for. This helps get everything out of my head, puts me in a positive frame of mind, and helps me sleep well.

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