5 Benefits of Deep Breathing

Inhale, exhale. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Our bodies automatically know how to breathe whether we’re awake or asleep – it’s one of the amazing things about the human body. But when was the last time you did some deep breathing?

Deep breathing has a range of health benefits for your mental and physical wellbeing. Check out five of them below.


Manages Stress

Increase calmness with deep breathing. When you’re stressed, your brain releases the stress hormone. By experimenting in breath work you’re able to control your heart rate and get your body to relax.

Improves Focus

If you struggle with focusing on a task or activity, deep breaths are something you should try! Next time you’re starting to feel overwhelmed at work or just in general, stop and take a moment to focus on your breath. This will benefit the brain and get you back on track with whatever you were trying to do.

Better Sleep

Do you sometimes feel like when the lights go off before bed, your mind begins racing?! Relaxing before bedtime is beneficial for a good nights time. Deep breaths should be involved in your night time routine in order to help encourage your mind and body to relax and make sleep easier.

Faster Recovery

Breath work can assist in muscle recovery and repair. You want to be able to be ready for its next workout, so by practicing some deep breathing and stretching, you’ll be able to prevent injury and keep making progress in your workouts.

Manages Anxiety 

Deep breathing exercises work for anxiety because of the way it affects your mind and heart rate. When you think about being anxious, it’s normal to think of panic attacks and hyperventilating. With breath work, you’re able to tell your body to relax and slow down.

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Practicing deep breathing techniques has an array of benefits that can really help your mental health. Whether you want to feel less stressed, improve your focus at work or simply have it as an after workout activity, we guarantee the benefits will have you adding it to your daily routine.


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