10 Healthy Girls’ Night In Snack Recipes


It’s safe to say that a girls’ nights in is one of the greatest events in a friendship. It’s a just to lounge about, relax with friends and eat yummy snack food!

It doesn’t have to be overly indulgent – you can have your cake and eat it too (pun completely intended).

Here are 10 snack recipe ideas, perfect for your next girls night in:

A cheese platter

The classic cheese platter allows you to get a little creative with a variety of cheeses. Serve modest wedges of cheese with rice crackers, grapes and strawberries.

Fruit salad cups

Pick some delicious fruits depending on the season and cut them up into bite size pieces. Cups are a fun way to assemble your fruit but also this helps with your portions.

Thinly roasted sweet potato or zucchini chips

Add some tahini dressing or avocado dip.

DIY trail mix

Combine your favourite nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, with some cranberries and/or dark choc chips. A delicious combo!

Air-popped popcorn

ALWAYS a great addition to a girls night, especially when you’re watching a movie.

Dark chocolate dipped strawberries or bananas

So delicious and super easy. On the night before, melt some dark chocolate in a pot and dip the fruit into it then place onto a tray before putting them in the freezer.

A veggie platter

Veggies such as baby carrot, cucumber and cherry tomatoes with some hummus dip.

Yoghurt fruit popsicles

Perfect for a summer’s night and super easy to make. All it takes is some greek yoghurt with pieces of your favourite fruit mixed around in it. Stick it in the freezer overnight and you’re good to go

Jug of non-alcoholic drink

With some mineral water, mint, cucumber and lemon, you’ll feel satisfied without the added sugar or alcohol.


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