7 Cafe Breakfast Choices Under 400 Calories


Reviewed by: Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet

Having a cafe brunch with friends is one of life’s absolute joys, but if you’re embarking on a weight loss program, it’s a minefield.

Calories can quickly add up if you’re not careful, plus portion sizes are usually double what we’d recommend on a program like 12WBT.

The good news is you can make wise cafe choices that don’t blow your calorie limit! Here are seven great options that come in at 400 calories or less, and are commonly available at most cafes.

7 cafe breakfast options under 400 calories

1. Poached eggs on 1 slice toast with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms

This is a great option if you’re after a vegetarian breakfast that’s nutritious and protein-rich.

2. Bircher muesli 

Bircher muesli is usually lower in saturated fats than toasted muesli or granola. It will also provide a long-lasting energy hit and satisfy your sweet craving!

3. Poached eggs on 1 slice toast with smoked salmon and spinach 

Smoked salmon is rich on Omega-3 acids which are great for overall health and vitality, as well as muscle repair. It’s the perfect fuel after you’ve done that HIIT session!

4. Homemade baked beans (no toast) with avocado and roast tomatoes

Homemade beans are available at most cafes. They’re protein-rich and full of cooked tomatoes, which contain the antioxidant-rich lycopene.

5. Ricotta on 1 slice toast with a drizzle of honey

This is a great option if you’re after a smaller breakfast. Ricotta is a good source of calcium, while a wholegrain toast offers plenty of fibre.

6.  Toasted multigrain bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese

Again, salmon is a great source of essential fatty acids. This is a small dish that will keep you full for a long time – just ask for the cream cheese on the side, and limit the amount spread on the bagel to 1 spoonful.

7. Avocado and feta on toast with fresh chilli

Need we say more? There’s really nothing better than rich, buttery avocado with hints of tangy feta. The chilli adds a warming kick.

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