Customise Your 7-Day Healthy Meal Plan With These Free 12WBT Recipes

The objective of a 12WBT healthy meal plan is to take the stress out of what can be daunting for many of us: creating healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are nutritionally balanced, calorie-careful and well portioned. Sound good? Well, how about giving it a go! We’ve created a full-week’s healthy Meal Plan for you below. This 7-day menu uses kitchen staple ingredients, relies on minimum prep time, and leaves you with plenty of tasty leftovers for you and the fam. It’s a great outline you can refer back to again and again 🙂

Reviewed by: Amanda Turbill, APD, M.Nutr&Diet, B.Edu

The Menu 

We keep things fresh and interesting with a balanced menu, while still keeping it simple. You don’t want to have to make 20 different recipes for a seven-day week, right?

Here’s what our sample meal plan looks like: 


  • Brekky crumble, prepped in advance
  • Brekky wrap, prepped in advance OR a smoothie
  • Overnight oats, prepped in advance OR a savoury crumpet
healthy meal plan

Apple Brekky Crumble


  • Easy-to-assemble crispbreads OR toasted sandwiches
  • Dinner leftovers
healthy meal plan

Ploughman’s Lunch


  • Customisable pasta
  • Risotto OR curry
  • An Indian favourite
  • Pizza
  • Protein and rice 
healthy meal plan

Miso Salmon with Cauli Fried Rice

Your 12WBT Healthy Meal Plan


Breakfast: Healthy Brekky Apple Crumble

This scrumptious recipe serves plenty. So prep the Sunday night before, and top with yogurt each morning for a satisfying sweet brekky for days to come.

Lunch Options: Ploughman’s lunch or Ham and Cheese Toastie 

Ploughman’s Lunch – No cooking, no worries! Fresh is best when you’re in a rush in the morning to get lunch together, or whether you assemble the ingredients in the kitchen at work. 

Ham and Cheese Toastie – Using similar ingredients, you can choose to swap any of your Ploughman’s lunches for a yummy toastie. Prep at home and toast at work to enjoy the melty goodness.

Dinner: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Chicken

Our most popular recipe of all time, so of course we had to include it here. The best part? Leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch 😉 


Breakfast: Healthy Brekky Apple Crumble

Lunch: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Chicken (leftovers)

Dinner: Basil and Walnut Pesto Spaghetti with Roast Tomatoes and Pumpkin 

Full of roasted, toasted flavours and just enough zest to balance it all out. A super recipe to love over and over again.

*option to prep for tomorrow: Bacon and Egg Sandwich*


Breakfast options: Bacon and Egg Sandwich or Banana Smoothie 

B&E – This is a savoury delight that can easily be prepped the night before, and reheated in the microwave or toastie press in the morning. Simply top with your favourite relish and enjoy.

Smoothie – So simple, so quick and oh so tasty. Gentle on tummies that are prone to early morning bloating too.

Lunch: Ploughman’s lunch or Ham and Cheese Toastie 

We’re repeating these throughout the week to streamline and use up all the ingredients.

Dinner options: Rice Cooker Pumpkin Risotto or Chickpea Curry 

Both these options are cosy and quick, utilising ingredients from our other menu items – win, win win! Pick your favourite and cook away. 

*option to prep for tomorrow: Bacon and Egg Wrap*


Breakfast: Bacon and Egg Sandwich or Banana Smoothie

Lunch: Rice Cooker Pumpkin Risotto leftovers or Chickpea Curry leftovers

Lunch Tip: Add a handful of rocket leaves, fresh tomato and a balsamic dressing to your plate for instant lunch-worthy leftovers.

Dinner: Basil and Walnut Pesto Spaghetti with Roast Tomatoes and Pumpkin 

Again? Yes again! It never hurts to repeat a dinner recipe to keep things simple on weekdays. Plus there ARE ways to customise. We recommend switching the pumpkin for sweet potato and the walnuts for pistachios for a flavour shake-up.


Breakfast: Healthy Brekky Apple Crumble

Lunch: Ploughman’s lunch or Ham and Cheese Toastie 

Dinner: Pick a pasta! 

We’ve rounded up 5 of our quickest, tastiest, easiest pasta recipes for you to choose from.

*option to prep: Overnight Oats x 2*


Breakfast options: Carrot Cake Overnight Oats or Savoury Crumpet 

Overnight Oats – With a little more time up your sleeve on a Friday night, consider prepping this indulgent-but-good-for-you brekky. It’s just the thing your weekend deserves. Be sure to save one for Sunday too!

Savoury Crumpet – If prepping isn’t your thing, you can assemble this surprisingly delicious combo on Saturday morning. It’s oh so nourishing and who doesn’t love a fluffy, golden crumpet 🙂

Lunch: Pick a pasta leftovers (or if you’ve got a little extra time, consider making another!)

Dinner: Chicken and Mushroom Pizza 

Pizza in 15 minutes, say no more. This delicious recipe can also be easily be customised with your favourite toppings (we’re thinking sundried tomato or chargrilled capsicum)


Breakfast: Carrot Cake Overnight Oats or Savoury Crumpet 

Lunch: Ploughman’s lunch or Ham and Cheese Toastie 

Dinner: Miso Salmon with Cauliflower Rice

Finish the week on a high with this indulgent Japanese-inspired recipe, complete with fried cauliflower rice for a low-carb variation on a takeaway favourite.  

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