How Many ‘Standard Drinks’ are in Alcohol?

If you are going to have drinks, keep an eye on exactly what you’re drinking and standard drink versus standard serve.

This can be the difference between feeling ok the next morning, and having a cracking hangover!

There are lots of factors at play, including body weight and what you ate before drinking, but how many standard drinks you consume is key.

By definition a standard drink contains 10 grams of alcohol (12.5ml of pure alcohol). Most alcoholic beverages at a pub or restaurant are more than one standard drink.

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How many standard serves are in my drink?

There are no common glass sizes used in Australia but you can have an approximate idea of standard drink versus standard serve:

Beverage Average bar serve Standard drinks
Red wine 150ml 1.6
White wine 150ml 1.5
Sparkling wine 150ml 1.4
Full-strength beer 425ml schooner 1.6
Gin and tonic 375 ml premix can 1.3
Vodka with soda 30ml spirit plus 150ml soda 1
Rum and cola 375ml can 1.3
Gin and tonic 30ml spirit plus 250 ml tonic 1


You can check out more info on specific alcoholic drinks in the Australian Government’s standard drinks guidelines.


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