How To Have More Fun With Your Warm Ups

Do you love the gym but dread your warm up? Maybe you’re someone who skips the warm up when doing an online class because you find it boring and just want to get to the fun part? Well, you’re definitely not alone here.

Warm ups are crucial to a good workout! A warm up is often the part of our training session that often gets swept to the side. Or, we squish it in for a few scant seconds at the end of our session. In truth, we really should set aside time in every workout for a sizeable warm up and cool down because of the benefits it brings us. 

If you’re bored of your every day warm up, we’ve got just the thing! A dynamic warm up consists of movement as you stretch. The goal here is to keep moving as this helps blood flow. It also prevents muscle pain and gives you a good workout.

Here are a few dynamic moves to add into your warm up for when you’re looking for something a bit more fun!

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