How to Perfect Your Push Up Technique

Improve your push ups and you’re improving the strength, tone and definition of pretty much your entire upper body and core!

Here’s our tried and tested program to take you from pushups on your knees to push ups on your toes. Do this routine 2-4 times per week for best results. It only takes a few minutes so do it at the start or end (harder) of your regular workouts. Just make sure your shoulder joints are warmed up first.

Start at the stage you cannot complete. Stay on that stage until you can complete the reps and sets unbroken, then move up a stage. Master stage 5, and you’re officially a Pushup Pro!

Stage 3 is the clincher, be sure to lower yourself SLOWLY (about 5-8 secs) which makes you stronger. You are about 10% stronger on the down phase (as you’re working with gravity not against it).

 Your Push Up Program

Have fun, remember to breathe out on the way up, and know that shaky arms are a good thing! Download the below program and print it out, ready to follow.



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