9 Weight Loss Friendly Snacks That Actually Keep You Full

Keeping hunger under control, particularly when trying to lose weight, is critical. There’s nothing worse than getting to a point of extreme hunger when you find yourself hunting down anything to curb that urge to eat! And when hunger is extreme, it’s not so easy to resist chocolate, chips and lollies… So, let’s talk about snacks that keep our hunger hormones in check and under control.

Why you’re hungry

Have you ever eaten an apple and felt a growl in the belly afterwards? Yep, me too! This is because an apple doesn’t have the fat or protein content that tells our brain we are full and satisfied. So, the next time you grab an apple, have it with some nut butter, tahini, yoghurt or even some thinly sliced cheese. By adding these healthy fats and proteins, you’ll feel so much more satisfied

Like the apple example above, the simple secret is adding protein or fat to snacks. Sound good? Here are my 10 faves! 

My favourite snacks

  1. ¼ avocado and chilli flakes on a grainy crispbread (140cal)
  2. 1 banana sliced up with a dollop of greek yoghurt and cinnamon (128cal)
  3. Vege (carrot, celery, capsicum) sticks with 40g creamy hummus to dip into (135 cal)
  4. 1 apple with 2 tsp nut butter (147cal)
  5. A hard boiled egg smashed on a slice of wholegrain toast with pepper (170 cal)
  6. 2 lemony bliss balls (134 cal) See this tasty recipe.
  7. 1 wholemeal crumpet with 1 TBS ricotta and a sprinkle of cinnamon (135 cal)
  8. 6 large strawberries with 60g ricotta (109 cal)
  9. ½ cup dried oats soaked in milk with a dollop of yoghurt with mixed spice (185 cal)
  10. 20g air popped popcorn with 10 almonds (138 cal)

Other things to keep in mind

HYDRATION: Are you REALLY hungry or are you thirsty? Always have a drink and wait 15 mins to ensure that you really are hungry before grabbing that snack.

EAT SLOWLY: It takes around 20 minutes to register fullness, so slow down your bites and really savour what you eat. Foods with high fibre content can take a while to chew through and keep your mouth busy. Vege sticks and hummus are GREAT for this. 

DISTRACTED? Make sure that while you are eating you remove any distractions. Move away from your desk, turn off your phone and just eat mindfully. 

Well-timed snacks can be the key to weight loss success for many. Choose snacks that have a protein or fat component and you’ll feel satisfied for longer and in control of your hunger. 

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Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet
Erica is a dietitian and trainer on the 12WBT Support Crew. She has completed a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and loves helping people to enjoy, and have fun with, delicious food. With 10 years of experience as a Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor, Erica thrives on coaching people to move their bodies, sweat and get excited about reaching for big (and little) goals!

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