The Top Five Exercises For A Perky Booty

Are you after a perky booty? To make your butt strong, firm with a good amount of peach-like perkiness, just do these five bodyweight exercises. Start with one minute per exercise each day, then as you become conditioned do two rounds and then eventually three.

Just like all your exercises, focus on the feeling in the muscles you’re trying to work, rather than just racing through to get it over and done with. That’s the secret few know about and even fewer practice, so think strong, engaged, beautiful glutes.

Here are our top five:

  1. Fire Hydrants
  2. Hip Thrusts
  3. Bulgarian Split Squats
  4. Squats
  5. Stair Walking

Now to explain firstly the ‘ why’ and exact technique to get the very most out of these five awesome exercises for a perky booty.

Fire Hydrants – Straight Leg

Why –

This impact-free exercise not only improves the range of motion of your hip joints (which will help prevent falling over), but forces your entire core to engage, and then this straight-legged version fires up the little glute muscles like nothing else, so don’t worry if you start to cramp up in your butt, that means you’re doing it right…but, if the cramps gets too much then simply do the exercise with a bent knee. See instructions below.

How –

  • Start on your hands and knees with your hips aligned above your knees and your shoulders aligned directly above your hands. Be sure your core is fully engaged and your neck is neutral (eyes looking straight down).
  • With your knees kept at a 90-degree angle, contract your side butt muscles to lift your left leg out to the side like a dog weeing (A little crude I know but it’s the most accurate description).
  • Do 30 seconds before switching legs. For the Advanced version, extend your knee joint so your leg is completely straight, still keep the same angle from your hip.
  • For the REALLY advanced version keep your leg up there and pulse it for 30 seconds before switching legs.

Hip Thrusts – Weighted

Why are these the most popular amongst gym goers for sculpting and strengthening the glutes? Because they work!

Bottom line – If you want to get a muscle: stronger, more shapely with increased muscle tone and in this case, a perky booty, then you have to overload it.

Unlike most butt exercises this one can be easily overloaded by just adding more weight to your bar, or if you don’t own a barbell a bag full of tin cans, that’s right, if you don’t have your  MB Active barbell set then simply grab a backpack, line it with a towel or 2 and add a few tin cans, remember your muscles won’t know if it’s weight from a barbell or bag of tin cans, they only know how hard you’re pushing them.

  • Start sitting with your back against a sturdy bench or lounge with your feet hip width apart, a little wider if you have trouble balancing.
  • Place a barbell, dumbbell or your bag of tin cans across the crease of your hips and hold it securely.
  • Then pushing up through your heels into the ground, engage your core, and lift your pelvis up by squeezing your glutes.
  • At the top of the movement, your shins should be vertical, your torso parallel to the ground, and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Avoid hyper-extending your lower back.
  • Do around 10 reps in 1 minute, make sure your butt doesn’t touch the ground for the entire minute.

Bulgarian Split Squats

If you like having sore legs then you’ll love these! This single-leg exercise helps build a perky booty and improves your balance.

How –

  • Place one foot on a chair/bench or lounge and step/hop forward with your other leg.
  • Using the strength in your front leg slowly lower your back knee towards the ground as low as you can. Be sure to keep your chest upright and shoulders back.
  • Press up through your front heel to return to the starting position. This is one rep, do 30 seconds each leg.

Squats – With a Mini Band

Even by themselves Squats are the King of all exercises, when you put an MB Active Micro Sculpting Band around your knees it compliments it perfectly by engaging the side butt muscles which contribute towards a perkier butt.

How –

  • Sit down and place a Mini Band above your knees.
  • Bending from your hips first stick your butt backwards and then from the knees keeping your spine in an S-shape and your eyes facing forwards.

Stair Walking – Two Steps at a Time

The final step to a perkier butt is to do step-ups, or in this case a few thousands of them. Walking up stairs, particularly a few at a time, is one of the best things you can do for your butt muscles in terms of strength as well as trimming of body fat from the hips and thighs, so try and get as many stair climbs as possible.

Note: To emphasize your calf muscles a little more stay up on your toes, for more butt drive up through your heels. For all-round shapely legs a combination is best.

And that’s the five best movies for a perky booty, practice them often and try to build up your strength with more overload in the form of:

Time under tension,

More weight lifted and

More stairs climbed.

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