The Ultimate Guide to Getting Confident Before Summer


Reviewed by: Erica An, APD, BNutr&Diet

We all want to feel amazing and ooze with confidence as we step out for lunch with friends in a new gorgeous summer floral dress, right?!

It’s not about the number on scales that gives us confidence, it’s an internal emotion based on how we feel about ourselves. So, we want you to step out this summer feeling better about yourself than ever before!

Here’s our guide to help get you there:

Switch off from social

This is a BIG one. The images you scroll through mindlessly each day on social media are (majorly) impacting the way you perceive yourself and may be damaging your sense of self worth. We want you to go through your feed and unfollow all profiles that don’t influence you in a positive way.

Move your body for fun

Take away all pressures around exercise. Instead of exercising because you know you should, exercise because you want to. Pick activities that you truly enjoy. Perhaps grab a friend and join a social tennis comp, take your dog for a jog in the afternoons with the kids on their bikes, or if you like working out at home, blast some music and do a dance based video workout. Any activity to make you feel good and get those endorphins flowing is the goal!

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Eat well to feel well

Feeling healthy from the inside is a big factor for feeling confident on the outside. So ‘eat the rainbow’ and nourish your body every day with fresh, colourful whole foods that you know will make you feel great.  As we love to advocate, plan your food at the start of each week. This is so you are organised and have a fridge full of healthy, nutritious foods for you and your family to enjoy together.

Positive affirmations

A popular practice done by many around the world. Start stating 5 positive affirmations about yourself as you look at yourself in the mirror at the start of every day. Start saying phrases like: “I am beautiful” or “I feel great in this outfit”. Over time, it’ll work wonders for your inner voice and overall confidence.

Find your support army

Do you have a friend or family member who likes to point out your little flaws? Only to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities? Try to put catch ups with these people on pause for now. Surround yourself with family and friends who make you feel truly good about yourself.

Closet clean out

If you’ve got old clothes hanging in your wardrobe that no longer fit you but you’ve kept because you promised yourself that “one day I’ll fit back into this”, it’s time to get rid of them. Having confidence is about loving yourself as you are.

Time for a shopping spree

Going out and buying some fresh, new clothes is a sure way to make you feel great. Grab a friend, head to the mall and pick yourself some gorgeous, bright outfits that flatter your figure and have you oozing with confidence, ready for summer!


Stephanie King BAppSc (Ex&SpSc), MBus (Marketing)
With a strong passion for human health, nutrition and physiological functioning, Stephanie lives and breathes all things wellness. Her Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise and Sport allowed her to delve deeply into the inner workings of the human body and develop a strong understanding of how to integrate physical activity with disease prevention and the promotion of good health, rehabilitation, nutrition and sports performance. If she’s not training at the gym or going for runs, you’ll find her sipping on an iced long black near one of Sydney’s harbour or beach spots!

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