The Best Ways to Stay on Track on Holidays

First of all, I know what you’re thinking. You’re hesitant about how this is going to work for you. You’ve got your itinerary planned, bags packed and you’ve organised a few catch ups with people you haven’t seen in years. It’s going to be a fabulous getaway but there’s one thing on your mind… How are you going to keep on top of your health goals while away?

Good news: it is more than possible to maintain a fit and healthy routine while on holidays, and your future self will be thankful for it!

Whether you’re soaking up the sun on a beach or sliding down some seriously big ski slopes, there are always ways to make healthier choices while on holidays.

And, you’ll find yourself having way more energy than you thought possible.

Tip 1: Do your Research

It always pays to be prepared. Before you leave for your trip, research your destination – the food you’re likely to be eating whilst there, and whether there are any exercise facilities at your accommodation.

When it comes to food, find out what sort of cuisine is on offer, and whether you have access to local supermarkets, cafes or restaurants. Taking the time to get familiar with your options in advance will help you to make the best choices you can when you arrive.

Of course, eating well can begin before you set foot in your holiday destination. Take the time to pack healthy snacks for your journey, like some nuts, fruit or some air-popped popcorn. This way, you don’t rely on fast food or snacks high in sugar.

When you are eating out, you can make some terrific choices by following this easy ‘template’. Choose a dish that contains half a plate of steamed vegetables or salad – if you need to, order a side of salad or vegetables. If the serve of protein (meat/chicken/fish/tofu) is greater than your palm size, cut it down to match your palm. Lastly, try not to have more than a quarter plate of carbohydrate (rice/pasta/starchy veggies) – and skip the bread basket!

Thirst can often be confused for hunger, so it’s a great idea to stay hydrated. If you are out and about during the day or even on the road, take a water bottle with you. Not only will it minimise those hunger cues, but it will help keep your energy up and beat that afternoon fog.

Tip 2: Move, Move, Move!

Assuming your holiday destination is safe for travel on foot, walk anywhere and everywhere to fit in as much incidental exercise as possible. Of course, if it’s arctic-cold where you’re heading, use your judgement and lean towards using the hotel gym, or complete some in-room workouts!

Walking through new cities and towns is such a great way to explore, and will also bring an element of spontaneity to your work out. If it happens to rain or you prefer an indoor session, you can always do in-room exercises such as planks and crunches, tieing it into your routine first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Also, try packing a skipping rope – super light and a great way to throw something a little different into your workout mix.

Tip 3: R&R

Taking the time out to go on holidays is nourishing for your mind and your overall wellbeing. So, if you can’t fit in as many workouts as you do at home, or you can’t count your calories as easily – don’t get down! You need to simply adopt the mindset that you need to focus on all the things you CAN do, not can’t do. As long as you do everything in moderation (alcohol included), you will feel the difference!

It’s so important to make sure you feed your soul while on holiday. After all, this is exactly what you’re doing by getting away! By eating well and keeping active, you will loads of energy and you’ll feel fantastic, even when your trip comes to an end!


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