How To Lose 16kgs In 12 weeks? Our 12WBT Winner’s Tell All!

lose 16kgs

From 16kgs to 2kgs, a loss is a loss and our 12WBT End of Round winners are proud of each and every kilo dropped! We are so inspired by their transformations and their stories! In this blog, we are also featuring two outstanding members who’s 12WBT journey was just as much about supporting others as it was themselves. True angels!

So, read through and celebrate with us all the awesome August winner’s who make 12WBT the encouraging and inspiring community that it is.

Maree Lovelock lose 16kgs

lose 16kgs

~ Weight lost = 16 kgs ~

I always put everyone else first and I was lazy when it came to caring and looking after myself because I was using all my energy for everyone else. Now, I’m on a roll with fitness, eating healthy and putting myself first and I am feeling the best I’ve felt in years. I’m so proud of myself for giving it a go and JFDI. 

I’m not usually someone to toot my own trumpet but I’m so proud of my achievements. I’ve been able to stick to the program the whole time. It’s all about being organised, not cutting corners, being proud of yourself and giving it a go. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m just happy to be going to the gym a few times a week and eating healthier and putting myself first for a change.  If you look good, you feel good. And this program has made me look and feel good!!!! I’m so happy I’ve done this and done so well. I’m looking forward to the next round and smashing even more goals 😀 


Mary Shaw

lose 16kgs

~ Weight lost = 9kgs ~

I’m in the best shape I have ever been in. I’m much stronger in dealing with opposition and conflicts. I’m more empowered as an individual and I feel like I’m worth something. At first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit it all in, but I realized that it’s not just about “fitting it in” – it’s about making it a priority. Even a fast long walk with the family counts! The power of positive thinking goes a long way when I need that extra push to get it done. I’m a ‘work in progress’ and I’ve found that staying challenged helps to set new goals, so I never feel like I’m done, more like I’m ready for a new level. It’s a great feeling!


Jo Mason 

lose 16kgs

~ Weight lost = 8kgs ~

I’ve never lacked confidence but I started losing faith that I could actually lose weight. In my mid-fifties – I was ready to give up. The 12WBT has given me back my body pride. I’m damn proud of what I have achieved! I’m especially proud of two things – finally being able to do sit-ups – it took until week 10 and also mastering the Sargeant sprawl! I have absolutely loved rediscovering muscles that haven’t been exercised for years. I’m definitely going to keep this up and have signed up for the next round. Little did I know how transformative this process would be!


Susanne Blackmore

lose 16kgs

~ Weight lost = 7kgs ~

I was addicted to processed food and sugar and lost in a loop of negative, ‘too hard’ thought patterns and was an expert procrastinator. I always had something or someone else to blame. During the past 12 weeks, I have witnessed my body respond in amazing ways. I am fitter and feel great in my skin now. Achievements such as the ability to enjoy running and the improvement in my fitness and overall health, are fantastic. I no longer have headaches, and the constant ache I used to have in my stomach has gone. The program has helped me to learn how to physically become the best me, and my more positive mindset allows me to stay in control. I am a masterpiece in progress and now equipped with the tools and information I require to become the best version of me!


Michelle Carruthers

lose 16kgs

~ Weight lost = 7kgs ~

I am really proud that I am able to run 10 kilometres without walking! My willpower has definitely improved and on my runs, I have become mentally tougher and able to push myself to keep going. I am much more CONSISTENT in my approach to everything.  I’m still busy, as we all are, but I know that to achieve and maintain my results I need to remain consistent in everything I do. Consistent planning, consistent exercise, consistently eating the right foods and consistently reminding myself that I’m doing great. My results may not be as big as some, but for me they were great and I’m very happy with what I have achieved.


Lisa Watson


lose 16kgs

~ Weight lost = 6kgs ~

I have lost cm’s off all parts of my body. I have smashed my fitness score goal. It went from 47 to 72. I have completed several 5km runs. I crave exercise now and I feel better about myself and how I look and feel. I have inspired other members of my family to eat healthier which has created a happier environment for everyone and we all feel great!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Michelle. I have been trying to find something that works for me and this program is it! I have finally found myself again and I will not look back. 


Mirella Penny

lose 16kgs

~ Weight lost = 4 kgs ~

I used to think that getting older simply means you need to accept that it is harder to lose weight. But I turned 48 while doing 12WBT and am in the best shape ever!!! I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight !! I have been an encouragement to my friends and family and I’m just so much happier. I plan to continue to exercise every day and continue to use the meal plans and recipes. 


Cassi Smith

lose 16kgs

~ Weight lost = 2kgs ~

I am proud of the 17.5cm lost overall from my body. Even though the kgs lost isn’t what I was hoping for, it is still a total of 5.1% off! I am proud of the focus I now have for exercise. I used to give up when it would start to hurt or I would skip some of the reps. Whereas now, I keep pushing through and feel so accomplished by the end of each and every workout. I have enjoyed this program so much this time around (my 4th round). Maybe because I was in the right frame of mind! The program is just so easy to follow and I love all the mindset videos that always seem to come exactly when they’re needed. 

lose 16kgs

And now for our 12WBT Hero’s, as nominated by their fellow 12WBT August Round members. 


Jacqui Veal

lose 16kgs

Here’s what our 12WBT members had to say about the wonderful Jacqui:

“Jacqui has been pushing herself with her running, despite injury and balancing life and work commitments. She stepped in at late notice for a friend when they could not do their leg of the Surfcoast Century event due to illness. Truly inspiring in her running and support of others.”


Anne Hellyer

lose 16kgs

Here’s what our 12WBT members had to say about the incredible Anne:

“Each time I have posted in the Member zone or have read a post from another member, Anne has been there with her words of wisdom, advice and encouragement. At first, I thought she was part of the 12wbt support team and then I realised she is an angel. Even while going through her own struggles she made sure that every member knew they were not alone. In my eyes, that’s a hero. Thanks, Anne!”


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Want to lose 16kgs of your own? Learn more about our 12WBT weight loss program here.

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