3 Workouts To Earn Your Burn In Just 10 Minutes

Sometimes it can seem near impossible to find time for a full-length workout every day.

The good news is, we have three time-efficient workouts that you can slot in at almost any place at anytime – even in front of the telly!

1. The Lounge Room Workout

Don’t feel like exercising?

Well here’s a compromise that you can do in front of the TV, but still burn some calories and strengthen you up! 

Duration: 5 minutes


Side plank lifts x 12

Side leg raises: x 12

Side Tricep push x 12 

Work through the circuit by doing all one side first, then roll over and do the other side. Repeat until both sides are completed twice.

2. The Core Flexor

Got a spare ten minutes? This workout will put your core to the test…and will be over before you know it!

Duration: 10 minutes


Genie Sit – 30 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds

Hollow Body Hold – 30 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds

Forward Arm Walkout – 30 seconds

Rest – 15 seconds

Repeat x 4

3. The Cardio Energiser

PUMP up your favourite tunes because this workout is HIGH energy…and all over in just five minutes! 

Smash this one out indoors or outdoors

Duration: 5 minutes


Basketball Jumps x 12

Mountain Climbers x 12

Front Kicks x 12 (per leg)

Rest + Repeat x 3

Looking for more great ways to earn your burn? Check out 12WBT’s Express Workouts – a set of time-efficient workouts you can squeeze, stack or jam into your workout schedule.


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  1. Hi Team,
    Wow those 12 weeks where fantastic and the food brilliant. The morning I started the 12 week plan I sustained a very serious injury at work but I kept going as I still believe it would be well worth it, Found the food very much to my liking and affordable, I enjoyed the challenged. As soon as I have the surgery necessary to fix my serious injury I will be back to do it all again. I have lost about 7 kilos down to a size 12 I am very happy with that but the food is incredible now over my life time I have been on a lot of diets this is more you would call a lifestyle change which is better than calling it a diet. I feel great I look great and I will be back not this round but into the very near future that is for sure. Love your whole team very inspiring and caring, I believe my surgery will be around middle of July. I know you all will wish me well.
    See you all again soon kind regards Jeannie

  2. Hi there, just to let you know that I will find it difficult to do this workour, 1. My lower back is fused due to complications of a staph infected hip..I have damaged nerves. I also have fibromyalgia/fatigue. Although I am 70, I try to move as much as possible. Usually half my day is lying down due to pain. Hopefully you have a program for the one who is willing but the flesh is weak. I’m really looking forward to my weeks ahead. I have good comments from my daughter and friend.
    Many thanks Roslyne

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