A Typical 12WBT Week: Your Weight Loss Plan


We get asked all the time: what happens each day on 12WBT? As Mish says, you’ve gotta have a plan, man! A solid routine is key to any weight loss plan – and our team has built a plan that has our members hitting their goals and getting the results they want.

A Weight Loss Plan For Success

We’ve broken a typical 12WBT week down into day-by-day, so you can see exactly how the program works.

Typical 12WBT Week Download.


Let’s get cracking! Monday is the first day of the 12WBT week, so we encourage our team to put their heads down, train hard and start their week off right.


Each Tuesday and Sunday a new Mindset Video from Mish is unlocked. Her lessons dig deep into existing patterns, habits or beliefs – from time management and emotional eating, to self-sabotage.


Each Wednesday for the 12 weeks is Checkpoint Day, when you’ll be asked to measure or weigh yourself (depending on your program). It only takes a few minutes and is a great way to track your  progress.


Your customisable Exercise and Meal Plans are live each Thursday! Mish recommends setting aside some time, getting your diary or planner out and locking in your workouts for the coming week. Also print out your shopping list and get ready for your supermarket shop.


Friday is Core Day: the day most of our 12WBTers stretch and strengthen their core. A strong core provides and enhances balance and stability, which helps to prevent injuries – a win-win!


Saturday means your Super Saturday Sessions is here! This is your toughest training session of the week – it means you train hard and for most of our 12WBTers, aim to burn 1000 calories. But Saturday also means it’s your treat meal – enjoy!


We’d guess this is one of our team’s favourite days – yep, it’s rest day. No scheduled exercise today, and we reckon you’ve earned it after giving 110 percent through the week. The second Mindset Video of the week is released on Sunday.

As you can see, the best thing about the program is that it gives you a clear structure to make sure you achieve your goals, along with all the Exercise Plans, Meals Plans and Mindset Lessons you’ll need.

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