5 Ways To Up Your Daily Step Count At Home

Ensuring that you’re moving your beautiful body regularly is a MUST. But, with the majority of us spending our days at home seated, often in front of the computer, it’s so easy to get to 5pm and realise you’ve barely moved all day! So here are 5 super simple (and fun!) ways to up your daily step count at home.

Learn the true meaning of doing ‘blockies’

It’s so easy to become strapped to your desk at home, with the days absolutely flying by! So actually booking in time to get up and move throughout the day is essential. It may seem over the top, but you’ll notice how much more likely you’ll be to actually do it if it’s blocked out in your calendar! Every 2 hours, get yourself up and walk around your block at a quick pace. Aim for 10 mins each time, repeating it 4 times throughout each day. 

Step count total: 40 mins (brisk pace) = approximately 5,500 steps 

Allocate a ‘hot lap’ in your house 

Find a ‘hot lap’ in your house or backyard to walk as quickly as you can for 5 laps. Our top suggestion? Stairs! If you’ve got a set of stairs in or around your home, doing 5 laps up and down will instantly get your blood pumping and your heart rate UP. Some other options include: to your letterbox and back, out to your clothesline and back, or even around your island bench or dining table! Complete 5 laps x 4 times throughout the day.

Step count total: 16 mins (brisk pace) = approximately 2,000 steps 

Make a morning walk your daily ritual 

Getting into a routine of going for a walk first thing every morning, will have your body loving you even more. Mornings are a great time to walk because it helps to gently wake up your body after being sedentary for hours whilst you slept. Plus, you’ll be fueling your brain with beautiful fresh air before you start your working day. If you’ve got a dog, they will love it too! If you usually do a workout first thing each morning, simply add your walk to the end of the workout – it’s an amazing cool down for your muscles. 

Step count total: 30 mins (moderate to brisk pace) = approximately 4,000 steps 

Introduce walking meetings 

We are big advocates of this one! Where feasible in your work calendar, allocate some of your meetings to be ‘walking meetings’. This won’t suit the more formal meetings you may have booked in, however for quick WIP-like meetings that are more relaxed, head out for a walk as you talk. Not only will it get your body moving, but it will also help to spark creative thinking. If you need to take notes, just jot them down on your phone and email them to yourself once you’re back at your computer. Aim to switch 1 of your meetings each day for a walking meeting. 

Step count total: 20 mins (moderate pace) = approximately 2,000 steps 

Utilise technology

The best way to up your daily step count is to actually start tracking your steps. Having visibility over the number of steps you’re doing each day will give you the biggest push to move more! If you haven’t got a smartwatch (like an Apple Watch, Fitbit or similar ), download a free step-tracking app on your phone. These apps only track your steps when you have your phone on you, so pop it in your pocket or hold it when you do each of the activities above (at least for the first week anyway). Pretty quickly, you’ll get to know how much movement you have to do to hit that goal of 10,000 steps per day!

We suggesting starting off easy. Start by implementing at least 2 of the 5 tips above and see how much better you’ll feel at the end of your working days, not just physically but mentally as well. Then you can gradually work up to implementing all of these tips, clocking over 13,000 steps per day!! Hello fitness!!

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