Eight Steps to Eating Healthy as a Family

Eating healthy as a family can be tricky. You’ve got one child who doesn’t eat this, another one who won’t eat that, and next thing you know you’re cooking four variations of the same meal! Healthy meal time as a family can be made easy with some organisation plus a few simple steps.

Plan and Shop for Healthy Foods

Planning is a huge key to eating healthier as a family. Take a moment to write a weekly menu together where you all pick meals you’ll enjoy. Once you’ve got your menu, head out as a family and get shopping! Add an element of fun for the kids where you let them pick the fruit and veg or see who can find particular items first.

Make Time for Breakfast

Breakfast has been proven to increase concentration, learning & memory. Make sure your kids start off the day with a high fibre, low GI meal that will help keep them feeling fuller for longer, reducing the likelihood of grabbing an unhealthy snack later in the day!

Healthy School Lunches

Pack a tasty and nourishing school lunch. Include some fruit, veggie, a ‘main lunch’, a yummy snack and water. When you’re doing the shop, let them choose the fruit or veg they’d like to take in to school – that way their more inclined to eat it.

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Cook and Eat Together

The more involved kids become in making their meals, the more pride and interest they are likely to have in eating them. If you have the space, encourage the kids to grow some fruit & vegetables as well. They can think of it as a little after school project!

Offer Nourishing Snacks

Foods like raisin bread, pikelets that include mashed banana, air-popped pop-corn, fruit with yoghurt, rice/corn cakes with tomato salsa, vegetable soups, raw veggie sticks with dips and hard boiled eggs are all delicious, healthy snack ideas that kids love!

Choose Water and Milk As Drinks

Stick to water or milk to ensure you provide hydration & nutrition. Other beverages just provide excess energy without any nutrients.

Praise Your Child’s Efforts

When your child tries a new food, hype them up! There is nothing quite like positive reinforcement to help encourage positive behaviours!

Be a Good Role Model

This is probably the most important step! Be positive about your love of healthy food and the impact it is having on your body. If your kids see you trying new foods and being open minded, they are more likely to do the same.

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