What Can I Expect From 12WBT?

There are many ways to lose weight quickly – but it’s tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle long term that sees you achieving all your weight loss, fitness and lifestyle goals.

Low-fat and low-carb diets will most likely help you to cause you to lose weight, and the human body can become reasonably fit with a 4-week boot camp or 10 sessions with a Personal Trainer, BUT, is this sustainable forever?

The 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) is more than just a crash boot camp course or fad diet.



It’s 12 weeks of perfectly planned exercise programs at a choice of locations: Gym classes, Gym machines, at Home or Outdoors.



It’s also 12 weeks of delicious Meal Plans – think pizza, curries and the most amazing healthy fudge brownies! You’ll also find that every meal is laid out for you with shopping lists, calorie counts and easy-to-follow recipes. Best of all, with over 900 recipes to choose from, you’re always spoiled for choice!



Weekly mindset messages from Michelle help you from falling off the wagon, and motivating you to be the best version of yourself.




When it comes to the battle of the bulge most of us need some emotional support. 12WBT has a very active community in the Member Zone, where members provide each other support, share inspirational stories and painful lessons learnt along the way. You will also have access to our Support Crew: a team of trained professionals with qualifications in both nutrition and personal training.

Why should I choose 12WBT?

12WBT is all-round service with Michelle virtually training and coaching you to be at your best. I have been in the health industry for years, and in the last two months have seen far better results from 12WBT members than 99% of my clients.

The main reason is the team of experts around me, from genius dietitians to passionate exercise physiologists and the love and attention from other members helping each other out is the really unique aspect of this program. And of course who could forget Mish a woman on a mission to make Australia a fitter and healthier country. Let me tell you – she is one determined, calorie-burning, motivating machine! I have loved working with her on the exercise videos where she puts me through my paces.

Is 12WBT Tailored to My Needs?

When you join 12WBT, the calorie level Meal Plan that is recommended to you is based on the Fitness Program you choose and your gender.  You’ll also be recommended a range of Fitness Programs suitable for your fitness level after you complete your Pre-Season Task Fitness Test*. It’s then as simple as choosing the program that is right for you based on your health and fitness goals.

So if you have been thinking about losing weight or improving your fitness I encourage asking around your social circles, as I’m positive you’ll run into someone who is on the 12WBT program and is having amazing success. Think about it – this could be you!

*Note that for Move, Move 2 and Pregnancy Fitness Programs, completing the Fitness Test is not required.

Are you ready to join our team? Sign up for 12WBT today!

Tim Pittorino, BHSC
Tim has been working in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years as Personal trainer, holistic health coach as well as an Australian strength & conditioning coach. Tim has a degree in Health Science and is currently completing a Masters in Human Nutrition. After studying all things physiological for 20 years Tim now enjoys branching out into the other areas of wellness including mental health and emotional resilience. Tim’s lifetime goal is to see just how good the human body can feel, he loves to continually experiment with tried and proven methods as well as trying all the cool new findings.

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  1. Can you choose to different workouts throughout the program (ie- gym one day, outdoor the next, within your chosen level) or do you have to specify just gym based or just outdoor. I would like to do a range,within the program.

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