13 Things You Worked Out With In The 90s That’ll Mean Nothing To Kids Today

Reviewed by: Tim Pittorino, BHSC

  1. Aerobics Oz Style

If you worked out in the 90s, then you know that no morning started without cracking out the fluoro leotard and getting your cardio hit for 30 minutes at 6am with some of the most impressive Aussie backdrops.


2. The 90s Thigh Master

Before there was the insta obsession with a ‘thigh gap,’ we had the ThighMaster. Sadly this bad boy went the way of the 60’s ‘Jiggle Machine’, as the exercise became ineffective due to the nature of the body adapting to the exercise, and hence not working as hard.


Best stick with squats and lunges for toned thighs.

3. Zubaz Pants

Still nothing sexier IMO.


4. Jazzercise

Whenever you hear anyone say they were the first to try Zumba or Pole Class, you roll your eyes because you know Jazzercise was the OG dance cardio workout and you won’t hear anything else.


5. Shake Weight

More famous for it’s, ah, suggestive nature than it’s actual benefits.


6. Leotards and legwarmers

If you didn’t rock these, did you even work out?


7. Bike pants and scrunchy socks

If you wanted to step it up, then this was the next level.


8. Fitness Infomercials

Hello 1994. Hands up if you still have a storage space filled with gadgets like the ab roller?


9. Low Carb Diets

Low carb, high fat was a huge trend in the 90s, but as the body needs carbohydrates to function, this diet left us feeling cranky, tired and low energy. Thank the fitness heavens we know about finding balance these days and carbohydrates are back on the menu.


10.  Physical Culture (Physie)

Alive and well today – but in the 90s, if you, you sister, your mum, your kids and Joan down the street, didn’t do physie, did you even try? physie

11. Weight loss Pills

Remember all the TV ads that promised you could shed kilos by popping a magic pills – and then they turned out to have ingredients like ephedra which is potentially deadly? Yeah, we’ll stick to healthy eating and working out thanks.

Miracle Diet Pills

12. Wow Chips

When one fad diet ends, another begins. Wow chips seemed sooooo perfect -zero fat, zero calories and zero cholesterol. A little too good to be true huh? Well they had to make them out of something, and they ended up using a food additive and fat substitute called ‘olestra’, which among other things caused diarrhoea and stomach cramps. If you really want chips – better to stick to the real thing and just balance it out with moderation.


13. 8 minute videos

8 minute wonder videos with super dramatic titles like buns of steel or ab burner. Oh and don’t forget to be kind and rewind – we are talking VHS era after all.

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