Member Tricks: Sticking to 12WBT

Mish created the 12 Week Body Transformation to help people transform their lives to become the best versions of themselves, and our February 12WBTers were no exception! Our February End of Round Award winners knocked our socks off with their transformations and commitment to the program, so we had to ask them: what’s your favourite tip or trick to keep on keeping on?


Amy (amy_ascend43)

“I have had a mantra in my head from the start which was ‘I am worth it’. That has been the backdrop for me throughout the program.”


Carol (carol_pride6)

“I am a shift worker, so I found it easiest to buy a bunch of veges, portion them up into the Chinese containers but put about 4 cherry tomatoes on top of the veges. Once microwaved the tomatoes would explode giving my veges a nice tomatoey flavour. A bit of cracked pepper and yum!”


Karine (Krane77)

“Make my own lunch. No more eating on the fly so I’m saving lots of money! I’m enjoying working out and surprising myself at what I can do, but I just need to do it without the excuses!”


Kathleen (kathleen_mac)

“I put my weight loss chart on the fridge with a red line for my goal weight loss each week. Then as I weighed in on a Wednesday morning, I marked my result on the chart in black pen. I can happily report that the black line is well below the red line which makes me feel strong and proud every time I look at it. I also show it off to everyone that visits our house.”


Lachlan (Lwest51)

“When I go out for dinner, I make sure that I check the menu out so that I know exactly what I’m ordering and don’t deviate from that! I can’t wait for the next 12WBT round to begin!”


Mary (Mary;))

“If I am planning a night out where there might be alcohol, I order a soda water and ask them to put it in a wine glass. The need to offer me a glass or a refill of wine was not an issue. People assume I am enjoying a beverage.”


Rebecca (becca_runs)

“If I buy something at the shops that’s off plan or completely naughty (if say a block of chocolate somehow falls into my basket) I actually wrap it up in a sheet of copy paper and write a message to myself that says “Do you REALLY want to eat this?!”. It’s helped me to resist binge eating things on the spur of the moment.”


Robynne (robynne_sensible98)

“12WBT has helped me hone my determination and will power to stick with control over what I’m eating. A couple of small challenges over my birthday and Easter weekend, but I still managed to control my calorie count. And it was a lot easier than I thought!”


Sharon (Sharon0127)

“One thing that helped me was that I had a food display folder and one for exercise. Every Thursday after customising my Meal Plan (feeling like I was ordering from a menu!),  I would print everything out and put into display folders in day order. This made it easy to follow my daily routines. The exercise folder would come to the gym.”


Tiffany (TVG1987)

“If I am craving something sweet I will make my own chocolate using whole food and healthy ingredients, so while it still feels like a treat, it’s a healthy option – and I only have a small piece.”


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  1. I have been suffering Migraines for the past 20 years and have some incredible but very expensive medication for them for which I usually take at least 1 every fortnight on the onset of a migraine. I am happy to say that in the past 2 months on the program I have had a tablet only once that I can recall. This is saving me a fortune in drugs. I have been on other nutritional programs before ie. sugar & yeast free, shakes etc. but with not the same result – Thankyou 12wbt!

  2. Ism a 70 year old 12 kg overweight active tennis player , 3 times a week on average lapsed gym member does some running interspersed with walking .i have no health problems except some arthritis no medications at all no high blood pressure but have had breast cancer in 1999 is the program suitable for me yours sincerely Dianne Davenport

    1. Hi Dianne – Hi Dianne, thanks for contacting us.

      At 12WBT we strongly believe that age shouldn’t be a limiting factor when it comes to becoming fit and healthy and we have had people from 15 to 76 participating in the 12WBT Program!

      By completing our Pre-Season Task ‘Fitness Test’ you will then be provided with a recommendation about which Fitness Program/s are most suitable for you. If, when looking at the components of the Fitness Test, you know that you will be unable to complete any or most of them, then the Move or Move 2 program is going to be the best fit for you (owing to their low impact, low intensity and reduced number of training days per week). Given your current activity levels though with your tennis, you sound like you’ll be able to handle more than the Move programs.

      As long as you have medical clearance to exercise following your breast cancer in 1999, then you’re totally fine to participate. The Breast Cancer Network of Australia notes on their website that regular exercise during and following breast cancer treatment can help to improve physical and emotional wellbeing, including your mood, sleep, and bone mineral density.

      12WBT members have access to a large and comprehensive Exercise Index, which provides alternatives for many exercises and muscle groups that can be used to accommodate certain injuries and there are plenty of lower impact and beginner level options if these are needed due to your arthritis.

      The Member Zone is also a fantastic place to get advice and feedback from other 12WBT members, and what has worked for them.

      Pre-Season for the June Round is currently underway and the round kicks off on Monday 13 June.

      Now would therefore be a good time to start as you still have just under 1.5 weeks to catch up on and work through your Pre-Season Tasks.

      Pre-Season is an invaluable part of 12WBT. Over the course of the Pre-Season period, you receive 2 Pre-Season Tasks per week. The tasks are straight forward but very powerful, for example overcoming your excuses, and setting your goals. There is in fact an extremely strong correlation between members who complete their Pre-Season Tasks and the level of success they achieve on the program! They not only prepare you mentally and physically, but also form a solid foundation upon which you can build.

      Michelle recommends that members refer to their Pre-Season Tasks regularly throughout the 12 weeks of the program, to help them stay on track and achieve success.

      To sign up, please head to:

      Alternatively if you’re prefer to complete Pre-Season over the full 6 weeks, head to the sign up page on 14 June as then you’ll be able to sign up for the August Round which starts on Monday 1st August.

      All the best with your health and fitness goals Dianne and I hope that we see you on board if you feel the Program is right for you!

      12WBT Support Crew

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