No More Excuses: Why You Can’t Get Fit

Most of us have wished we could be fitter, healthier, stronger – but many of us just can’t seem to change our habits. What’s that all about? After more than 25 years as a personal trainer, I know that nine times out of ten it comes down to one simple explanation: “Excuses, excuses!”

Want to know what I mean? Well, you may think you have good justifications for not exercising, but let me assure you, most of what you’re telling yourself is an excuse!

Now, I don’t want to get all shouty and pointy-finger about it. After all, most people have been telling themselves excuses for so long – for years, or even for most of their lives – that they think those excuses are 100 percent true. And often we use them to mask other, deeper reasons, like fear: What if I can’t do it? What if I’m not good enough? What if I FAIL?!

12WBT Can Help


Let me tell you, I get it! And that’s why, on my 12WBT, the first thing I’ll help you with is examining those excuses, breaking them down and kicking them to the kerb.

After all, it’s your excuses that are holding you back – they’re the things that are stopping you from getting what you want.

“Okay,” I hear you say, “Mish doesn’t understand my life. Doesn’t she KNOW what it’s like to be me?!”

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m too busy to exercise
  • It’s raining/too cold/too hot/too early/too late/too dark
  • I have kids and can’t leave the house
  • My family want their dinner
  • Work is too full-on

I’m sorry to tell you, but 90 percent of the time, yep, they’re excuses. But that’s okay. When you’re on my team, together we’ll find ways to overcome them – and one day (not very long from now) you’ll look back and say, “What was I even thinking?!”

That’s No Excuse!


The problem with excuses is that we BELIEVE them. We tell ourselves things that are so, so damaging. They often involve self-judgement and negative self-talk (you know, that chatter in our heads that we beat ourselves up with), and they keep us in the same old rut. But most of the time they’re simply figments of our imagination.

Sometimes they’re thoughts (“I’m no good at exercise”) and other times they seem like things we can’t control (“I’m too busy” – I can’t tell you often I’ve heard that one!). Either way, they’re like a prison – and it’s time to set yourself free.

When Stuff Happens

Sure, there are times when emergency strikes, like when one of your children falls ill, a family crisis strikes or everything goes totally pear-shaped at work. And yes, those things certainly have to take priority if ever they arise.

But on 12WBT I will help you sift through what’s really going on, so you can be clear about what is a major crisis, and what’s just some drama that’s simply part of everyday living. You’ll discover that you don’t need to treat minor dramas as huge catastrophes!

You’ll even see for yourself how exercise can help keep those dramas in perspective. For instance, you might think you’re just too stressed to get fit. But take it from me, exercise is a FANTASTIC stress-buster. Whenever I feel like everything’s getting on top of me or there’s just too much to do, exercise is my number one go-to. It can be for you too!

No More Excuses

So, your head may be filled with voices telling you why you can’t get fit, but instead of listening to them, ask yourself, “What if everything I’ve been telling myself is wrong?!”

Trust me: together we will blow those excuses out of the water. This is your chance to shine!

Mish x

Michelle Bridges, Master Trainer
Michelle is Australia’s most influential personal trainer, a best selling fitness, nutrition and mindset author, a national commentator on weight issues and has thousands of online clients with amazing weight loss results.

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