Your Go-To List of School Holiday Activities: Indoor Vs. Outdoors

Planning for the school holidays can often be a challenging process, especially during the winter season. Do I need to spend money? Will I be working? Will they enjoy it?

Whether you want to spend money or not, be indoors or outdoors, there are some great ways to keep the little ones busy these school holidays. We have got you covered!

Indoor Activities

At Home

• Painting or colouring in (preferably away from any white walls)
• Making pancakes in different shapes and sizes. We’ve got a few great 12WBT pancake recipes you could use here.
• Putting on a DVD. Sometimes it’s as simple as watching a movie.
• Playing board games such as Monopoly or jigsaws and puzzles.
• Have a themed day and dress up as pirates or fairies!

Heading Out

• Head to your local museum. If you’re in Melbourne there’s Alice’s Wonderland on (until the 24th July) or the Jurassic World exhibition (until 9th October).
• Interactive and educational centres such as Questacon in Canberra. They’re a great place to have fun and learn!
• Bowling or ice skating – you’ll find these in every major city.
• Head to the cinema. You’ll find a flurry of family friendly movies on during the holidays. Check out cheap Tuesdays for a discounted rate!
• Vacation care – If you’re working full time, this might be your best bet. They are Australia-wide.

Outdoor Activities

At Home

• Gardening – Not only is this fun for the kids but it’s a great way to teach kids about sustainability. Plant vegetables or herbs and watch them grow!
• Backyard sports such as football or bowling are fun and active. You could even get creative and create an obstacle course.
• Games such as Twister and Jenga. Always fun for the family!
• An outdoor treasure hunt is always an exciting way to use space around your place.

Heading Out

• Your local zoo or aquarium is always a great place to make a day of it!
• Head to a park where you can ride your bikes and potentially feed some ducks. If you’re in South Australia you might be able to catch a glimpse of the whales that migrate through May-October.
• Playl ands or theme parks. If you’re up north, the Gold coast is filled with them!

So whether you’re spending this time with the kids or not, there are some great ways to keep them entertained at home, or elsewhere. Take the time to plan ahead so you are not stressed and hopefully you can enjoy the time just as much as they will.

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