Our 12WBT Winners Spill Their Secrets To Weight Loss

Another round, another phenomenal group of End of Round winners. These guys have been chosen as winners because we believe in each of them: in their stories, their challenges and the lessons they’ve learned and can pass onto others. Pass onto you! In this remarkable group, we have winners from our September Round and from our closed New England round. So grab a cuppa and settle in for 5 minutes of reading that could change your life. 

End of Round winners, over to you!

secrets to weight loss

Melanie McHugh

~ Weight loss = 14kgs ~

secrets to weight loss

“One of my work colleagues commented last week about my ‘new shirt’, which was actually an oldie out of the wardrobe that hasn’t fit me in over a year! I am so proud that I have lost just over 14 kg, for a total of 37.5 cm gone. I  have progressed from wall push-ups to knee push-ups and my knees don’t ache and keep me awake at night anymore. I’m happy to make homemade pizzas at home with my family instead of buying one on the way home, and I’m happier having a fruit and yoghurt instead of a caramel tart. My kids are making better food choices too, which is something I’m so proud of. I was lazy and an excuse maker, but now I’m finally feeling better in my own skin and have a couple of new dresses that I would never have bought in the past! And it feels awesome!”


Cathy Riley 

~ Weight loss = 13kgs ~

secrets to weight loss

“I’m so proud of my newfound muscle definition. One of my main goals was to tone my body and I can now see the physical changes. I’ve found greater physical and mental strength. I feel like a go-getter who can take any challenge head on! When I eat out, I can now determine the healthier options on the menu. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and now I can make healthier options for myself and the whole family. I teamed up with a wonderful gym buddy who was also in this round of 12WBT. We’ve been each other’s support network and motivation. I’m now a much stronger, healthier, happier me!”


Leigh Thorne

~ Weight loss = 12kgs ~

secrets to weight loss

“Amazingly I have reached my goal weight and managed to lose 1kg per week. The workouts have become easier, I’ve become much fitter and people have noticed the difference! The biggest difference is being aware of the calories that I eat. Looking for healthy meals when eating out, watching portion sizes, avoiding the biscuits and chocolates at work, and cutting out big packets of chips, are all little changes that kept my calories down. The recipes have been really tasty so I will be downloading them to keep up my good eating habits. I’m feeling trim, taut and terrific. The grandkids were looking for someone to dance with them the other day and I was right into it! Eating well and making exercise a part of your routine meant I could dance like no-one was watching!”


Teelar Brooks

~ Weight loss = 11kgs ~

secrets to weight loss

“In the past, I have quit any weight loss program I tried to follow. I was nervous when I signed up to the September Round, as I was certain I wouldn’t have the willpower to stick with it. But as each week passed, my confidence grew and my health got better. I am so thankful for the 12WBT program – it has changed my whole outlook on life! I now wake up at 5 am six days a week ready to tackle the daily workout. I am mentally tougher than I have ever been. I am able to resist bad food temptations. Mindful eating and exercise are my focus now and my new way of life. I now have the strength, determination and positive mindset to achieve whatever I put my mind to, and I will forever have that little voice in my head screaming JFDI!”


Suzy Young 

~ Weight loss = 10kgs ~

secrets to weight loss

“I’m no longer emotional eating. A rough year, miscarriage, mum had cancer, and then passed away, had to put our dog down, other dog ate our chickens… all meant lots of unwarranted eating! I now know I don’t have to eat that way to feel good. Others around me don’t quite get it, but I know I can push through to be the best I can be. I’m no longer obese, and my waist to hip ratio is in the healthy heart zone. I haven’t yet been able to give up the Diet Coke, but I’m a work in progress. Best of all, my 4-year-old has noticed all the good changes!”


Stephanie Skewes 

~ Weight loss = 9kgs ~

secrets to weight loss

“I’m really proud of my physical changes but most importantly I have noticed a huge improvement in my mental wellbeing. Before starting the 12WBT program, I was diagnosed with a panic disorder and there were times when I was unable to even walk down the street without having a panic attack. I wouldn’t exercise because I was too worried about how I looked and what everyone else thought. Now my determination has increased significantly. I’ve seen first-hand how exercising and changing your eating patterns can play a major part in your mental health. I’m now lifting weights, something I would never have thought I could do! I’ve done so much cooking over the last couple of months and now I love making my own meals instead of buying out.

Participating in the 12WBT program has given me a passion for healthy food and exercise and I have enrolled in an online Nutrition Coach course at the Australian Institute of Fitness. I can’t thank Michelle and the 12WBT team enough for helping me start my journey to a healthier, happier life!”


Debra Delarue

~ Weight loss = 9kgs ~

secrets to weight loss

“In the last 6 years, I had been diagnosed with a brain tumour, then kidney cancer and type II diabetes. I felt completely down and had absolutely no motivation to take care of myself physically or mentally. Now I feel like a different person. I lost 9 kilos and have a new found love of exercise and resistance bands. I no longer take diabetes medication and to me, that is my most amazing achievement. My self-esteem has skyrocketed and I love to find new ways of eating healthily. I’m a much healthier and happier person who is looking forward to what’s next! And my new favourite saying for when I am feeling a bit lazy? JFDI!!!!!”


Melanie Cook

~ Weight loss = 7kgs ~

secrets to weight loss

“Before 12WBT, I barely ever exercised. In fact, I did not enjoy exercise one bit. Fatigue was my middle name, & each day I was dragging my feet. I began 12WBT committed to never missing a workout. As a result, I now enjoy exercising and eagerly anticipate my workout session. My body is tremendously stronger. I am no longer puffed going upstairs or groaning when scrubbing the shower or washing the windows. My energy has zoomed ahead, and I now feel alive and invigorated for each new day. I’ve really enjoyed fitting into my clothes again and wearing them with a smile.”


Yvonne Baker

~ Weight loss = 7kgs ~

secrets to weight loss

“I’m proud I got to my weight goal and lost 31cm from my body. I’m happier, I’ve got more energy, I’m physically stronger. My will power is getting stronger too. I felt like my world was spinning out of control and I was procrastinating taking care of me. But now I know I’m stronger than I think. To anyone out there, you’ve got this. Hold your head high and JDFI!”


And now for our Hero Award Winner! 

Janine White, pictured on the left


secrets to weight loss

Hero’s are nominated by others in their round for their angel ability to not only tackle their own health and fitness journey but to inspire others to JFDI. 

Here’s what her fellow 12WBTer’s had to say about Janine:

“Janine doesn’t stop giving, and she’s conquering her first 12WBT despite tremendous odds against her. Caring for her four kids, including two with chronic health conditions, does not stop her investing in the community around her. She is constantly on the lookout for the needs of parents, students & teachers at school, as well as volunteering to run of a children’s program on weekends & host events in her home to those in need of kindness and friendship. Her relentless perseverance is an inspiration.”


Isabella Dugan
Isabella is a self-confessed writing and publishing nerd. There's nothing she won't learn and write about, in the hopes of educating, inspiring and challenging our member's mindset and their expectations. Isabella is an avid runner and has been playing team sports since the age of 4 and has been cooking and loving food since the age of 14 when she switched to a vegetarian diet (now vegan). So if you're in the market for a showstopping scrambled tofu recipe, hit her up.

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