10 Amazing Hacks to Have a Healthier Week


Feeling like you need to refresh your weekly routine and get some healthier habits? The amazing thing about your body is that small changes can go a long way to increasing your overall physical and mental health.

Here are 10 easy ways to make this week your healthiest yet:

Grab your notepad & pen on Sunday

Go old school and write out a grocery list for your Sunday supermarket shop. Plan each breakfast, lunch and dinner meal so you can have it all ready to go in the fridge before your week even begins.

Give yourself a goal of trying out 2 NEW healthy recipes this week – Chicken Parmigiana anyone?

Never miss a Monday morning workout

Start the week off well with a smashing early morning workout. You’ll feel healthier in no time.

Whether it’s a hard and fast HIIT session, a workout in the weights room or an energising yoga class, Mondays are the perfect clean slate and an opportunity to kickstart your healthy week ahead.

Plan a active date with a friend

Whether it’s a quick mid-week lunchtime catch up or a longer weekend activity, when you workout with friends, exercise suddenly feels like anything but a chore.

Why not go for a walk outdoors and people-watch, try something new (like rock climbing) or embarrass (or impress!) yourselves at a Zumba or spin class.

TV time = mobility time

At a time when you’d usually just lie on the couch, use this opportunity to give your muscles some much needed TLC.

Develop a stretch routine that focuses on your tight areas and spend 30 minutes each evening allowing your muscles to elongate and mobilise. You’ll notice the difference after just one week, I promise!

It’s healthier to have ants in your pants!

Not literally! Just try to avoid sitting whenever possible.

Whether you have an office job or spend hours each day commuting to and from work, commit to upping your time spent standing and moving around.

Try switch between sitting and standing for your computer time, go for a walk around the block every hour, or opt to stand on the bus or train (it’ll give your balance a workout as well!).

1 more, 1 less

Take some time to set two simple goals for the week. Think of one thing you want to have more of during the week: more positivity, more vegetables, more family time etc.

Then think of one thing you want to have less of: less coffee, less tech time, less negativity? Spend five minutes each morning mentally visualising what you’d like to achieve that day, then jump out of bed and smash it!

Boost your immunity with a massage

Just in case you need an excuse to treat yourself to a massage (you really don’t!), there is some science behind the idea of a healing touch.

Studies done at the Group Health Research Institute in the US have found that a 45-minute massage brings about a major spike in lymphocytes; these are the white blood cells that fight bacteria and viruses.

It also decreases inflammation, trigger allergies and asthma, as well as reduces the levels of stress hormone in the body.

Seven at 7, in seven for 7

Here’s the deal: at 7pm each evening, organise seven things for yourself in seven minutes over the next seven days.

Let’s do the math – that’s just one minute per item you organise! It could be anything from getting your gym gear out for the next morning, to prepping some boiled eggs or healthier fresh veggie sticks for your snacks.

One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time

Volunteering your time to others is not only generous and selfless, it can also give you a wonderful sense of wellbeing, happiness and overall life satisfaction.

Commit to giving 1-2 hours of your week to someone else: offer to help neighbours or friends, consider giving blood or volunteer at a local charity group.

Book a daily appointment with yourself

Take a 30-minute appointment with yourself every day and treat yourself to some regular quiet time.

Turn your phone off (or put it on ‘flight mode’) and let everyone know this is your time when you will not be disturbed.

Listen to a podcast, read an interesting article, mediate, or simply just breathe… whatever it is, allow yourself to relax and recharge!

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