The Secret To Losing Those Last 5 Kgs

last 5 kgs

After a solid period of losing weight, working hard and changing up nutritional and fitness habits to achieve an end weight loss result, it can be incredibly frustrating to land within a whisper of your goal, then, uh oh…. Halt! The hurdle of those last 5 kgs is a common one. And whilst you may think it has everything to do with food and exercise, I’m here to chat about how changing up your mindset can be the pathway to success! Stay with me guys!

Assessing the goal:

How are you viewing ‘weight loss’ and are these last 5 kgs still the end goal? 

Is it a big deal to reach a certain number, or is it just as rewarding to realise that you look and feel great regardless of what the scales say?

Being fixed on a certain number may not always stay the goal. If your non scale victories are saying success, this is confirmation that you’re on the right track! Take note of all your achievements to date, to stay positive and switch your language from feeling ‘stuck’, to ‘this is a different, but exciting result.’

Self Sabotage:

Relaxing a little when you’re so close to your goal is a common trap. Which is why it’s just as important as ever to stay laser focused. 

Frustrations and stress around the speed of the progress can set in and this can encourage some unhelpful thoughts/actions that see you reverting back to old ways. This is why it’s so important to remind yourself of all the great work. To remember that if you’re consistent, you will see results – regardless of whether it takes a little longer than expected to get there.

Keep Tracking:

Feeling good about accountability can minimise your potential to miss the mark. Journalling each day will help to highlight any areas that need more work to stay honest and accountable, as well as putting any downfalls in perspective.

Set your mind to actionable steps each day with a positive attitude, including great sleep, good hydration and a strong mindset!

Set new long term goals: 

If you have a history of losing weight then gaining weight, yoyo dieting, or following a certain style of training then relaxing after hitting your short-term goals, then perhaps jigging your outlook up could be just the ticket for sustainable long term results. 

Switch your goals from ‘in 10 weeks’ to ‘in 20 weeks’, or even longer, and see whether that alleviates the stress to be ‘instantly’ successful.

Revisit your why:

A new lifestyle is needed if you expect things to be different. But this can only happen if you commit to the changes. Get real about how you are going to feel when you get there and WHY it’s important that you hang in there for it!


Changing your perspective when it comes to body composition can be key when it comes to achieving a leaner physique. With 5kgs to go, you may not have much ‘weight’ to actually lose. Looking at this from a body fat perspective vs muscle vs numbers on the scales can make a big difference to the outcome (and your mindset). 

Stop comparisons:

Comparing yourself to others is not the answer! Do your best to visualise YOU at your goal and what this looks like, not how someone else looks. Having a goal of achieving a certain look of someone that you aspire to work towards is a great driver, but please remember that we are all unique, and come in different shapes and sizes – with ‘healthy’ looking different on every person’s body. 

Visualise the new you!

Writing down a number or saying it out loud can often be too generic when it comes to the finer details of your goal weight range. Instead, picture in your head how this will look, feel and behave and take all aspects of the process into consideration as you work towards it. Will your jeans feel looser? Will your jacket sleeves look slimmer? Will you be able to hold a plank for 1 minute? Will you be able to say no to that extra slice?

Clean up:

Do your best to tidy up anything around the house/work place that is not conducive towards your goals and clear the way for healthier moods overall. 

A kitchen clear out is always the best place to start.

 This may also mean reconsidering your social scene too. If hanging out with your best friends always involves drinks, try suggesting a weekend walk instead. This could also be a great time to meet new people and try different activities that align with the new you! Ignore any negativity, unintentional saboteurs and surround yourself with your tribe!


Set a reward for when you reach your goal. Are you hanging on to old clothes, just in case? Get rid of them! Start filling your wardrobe with clothes that will be here to stay, fitting your new body! Picture how they’ll look and feel and use that as a motivator to stay focused.

So, those last 5 kgs are within reach. You’ve got the steps to get there, it’s now about taking them! If you’d like any help reaching your weight loss goal, feel free to visit us as 12wbt.com to learn more about our weight loss programs. 

Louise McDonald, Cert III & Cert IV Fitness
Louise has been a Trainer and Wellness Coach for almost 20 years and is one of our experienced Support Crew members in Fitness, as our Lean and Strong Captain! Louise has worked passionately with all levels of fitness over the years across both Australia and the UK, where she has specialised in competition training with athletes for the last decade. She has worked closely with top level competitors and even our own 12WBT peeps to bring home a National Trophy! She lives, breathes, eats and sleeps weight training and is super passionate about teaching others how to reach their full potential.

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