Top 9 Snacks to Grab at The Service Station


Road tripping can be tough. For some it’s a battle of boredom… and for others, it’s a battle of keeping the backseat bandits from throwing a tantrum and keeping the driver alert.

Snacking plays a big role in keeping boredom and fatigue at bay. However, if you’re not able to pre-prepare snacks before leaving, the service station can be the only option.

This becomes a minefield of salty, sweet and fatty foods – most of which come with a hefty dose of preservatives and food colourings!

Let’s look at ways to keep everyone happy and nourished.

9 best foods to buy at the service station

  • Fresh fruit (most petrol stations have it on the counter)
  • Fresh sandwiches
  • Yoghurt
  • Chia pods
  • Air-popped popcorn
  • Dry roasted beans (chickpeas and fava beans) – these are usually with the chips
  • Baked beans – yes, they can be eaten cold!
  • Fruit and nut mix (careful with portion size and this will be high in calories)
  • Muesli bars (careful with this one! Look for something with less than 200 calories)

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The worst foods to buy at a service station

  • Pies and sausage rolls
  • Muffins
  • The half price or bundle deal chocolates!

How to DIY

Packing a small esky or some cooler bags is the way to go. Freeze some water bottles and vegetable juice ‘poppas’ for a cool drink and to act as ice blocks. You can easily make wraps, sandwiches or salads out of the following combinations.

  • Wholegrain wraps/bread/corn cakes
  • Pre-washed salad mix
  • Pre-cooked chicken/tins of tuna/hard boiled eggs/ 4 bean mix
  • Cucumbers, tomatoes and an avocado
  • Hummus, seeded mustard or salsa

Don’t forget to stop every few hours so that the driver can stretch their legs and refresh. If you have little ones, allow them opportunities to run around and explore. It’s important that everyone has time to get out of the car and get some fresh air…for safety and sanity!

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