How Long Does it Take to Burn Off The Calories in Alcohol?

Even if you’re eating well and exercising, you may not realise how many calories you’re consuming when enjoying your favourite alcoholic beverage.

Many people are shocked when they discover a gin and tonic contains the same amount of calories as a doughnut!

So, to stay balanced and in shape this holiday season, we’ve done the math for you: just how much exercise you need to do to burn off the calories in your favourite tipple.

Print this infographic out and stick it on your fridge, in your wallet or wherever you’ll see it this party season!

Your Alcohol Vs. Calories Guide

Check out our post on which alcohol has the least calories for more information on how to make healthy drinking choices!


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  1. Check out the Schweppes website, it states Diet Tonic has zero calories. So your only calorie intake would be from the gin.

  2. I like to drink tonic water for the taste, it’s very refreshing in summer.i only drink the diet version, how many calories would be in a gin and diet tonic, please? Nicola

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