How Freezing Meals Saves You Time (and Money)

We’re a busy bunch. There’s often so much going through our heads at any time that we can only focus on the here and now. Who am I emailing? What should I wear today? What can I make for lunch?

So it’s often bamboozling to try to keep on top of our health and make sure we always have great snacks and meals at the ready, all week long. We understand the power of food prep, but we often neglect the fact that many meals and snacks can be frozen to save time and hassle.

Think of things like muffins – they’re quick and easy breakfasts, come in a large batch and can be taken anywhere for a great snack during the day. The same can be done with banana bread or even mini quiches.

And it’s not just the small and snackable that are great to freeze. Meals like our Penang Chicken, Beef Moussaka and Roast Pumpkin Soup are totally freezable, so you can spend a half day preparing and a whole week enjoying healthy, pre-prepped meals. Happy days!

Many 12WBT recipes also come with a ‘Freezable’ tag in the recipe list, so you can sort your meals by those that are best to freeze. And for those of you who are still cringing at the thought of several hours at home prepping food for the week, there’s also the Time Saver Meal Plan. Now even the painfully time-poor or cooking avoidants can still be prepared!

Another great idea is to reduce food wastage by freezing leftovers. You can make your Not So Naughty Nachos or any other tasty mince meal, then freeze the leftover mince for further use.

Repeat after me: fresh is not always best! Think of your casseroles, meat loaf, soups and pies. They are all perfectly suited to being frozen and then reheated.

So, you’re looking a tasty, nutritious meal? Look no further than your own freezer!

When you join 12WBT you’ll receive weekly Meal Plans and be able to choose from more than 900 healthy recipes in our Recipe Index. You’ll even have online access to our team of expert dietitians and nutritionists to ask their opinions on all things food-related.

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