Meet Our Amazing September 17 Round Winners

At the end of each round, we always ask members to nominate either themselves for a Top Transformer award, or another member for a 12WBT Hero award. We always get inundated with amazing members wanting to celebrate one another.

Here are the 12WBT September Round winners sharing a little part of their journey to success!


Matthew: 12kg lost so far

I have struggled with a bit of depression and lacked self esteem. By having this program to focus on and slowly achieving my goals I have gradually gained more confidence in myself and in my abilities.

I can honestly say I am much more mentally tough and confident I will be able to maintain my weight loss and continue on my journey and achieve my long term goals.

Lauren Howard: 30kg lost

I couldn’t be prouder of my physical appearance, instead of being the bigger girl in a size 22 I’m now physically fit and have the beginning of an athletic body, which I never in my wildest dream thought I’d ever have.

Instead of skipping meals and then resorting to snacking on chips and chocolate, I’m preparing my meals in advance, so I’m not skipping meals

Gale Lamond: 7kg lost

Two important changes that have come into my life is exercise and eating correctly.  I intend to continue to rise early morning and exercise four days a week.  

I am now far more organised when it comes to the kitchen.  I have learnt to be prepared (like a girl scout hehe).  There is nothing like opening up the fridge and finding your lunch already prepared and waiting.

Samantha Wistaff: 6kg lost

Meal prep, food ordering and knowing what I’m eating all week was a huge game changer for me. Fail to prepare then prepare to fail has never rang more true.

I really have tried so many different things, and this has been the only thing that has worked where I can see it as a lifestyle and not a quick fix.


Shelly Samios: over 8kg lost

I have lost approximately 8.5kgs (which is over 10%), and I have also lost 18 centimetres from my body. What’s more exciting though, is the huge improvements I have made in my overall strength and fitness. I am lifting much heavier weights than I previously could, and my flexibility and balance have improved too.

I started this journey wanting to look good for summer and for my wedding next year. Even though I still want those things, it’s not what motivates me now. It is so great to feel strong, calm, focused, confident, happy, and energised!

Emma Griffin: gone from never running, to a half marathon runner!

I’ve gone from being in the 2017 12WBT television ad as a nervous and shy person to now being a confident Half Marathon Runner who is ready to start training for my first full marathon!

Courtney Jenkinson

It might seem impossible or tough, but there are always improvements you can make that can have a positive effect on you physically and mentally. Skip the sugar in your coffee, take the stairs, switch to skim. Every little thing counts.


Chloe Forster: 12kg lost

This program improved how I perceived myself, not only with what I saw in the mirror but how I felt about myself.

I feel more comfortable to wear what I want to without feeling uncomfortable or that I am being judged by others.

Sarah Jiear: lost over 12kg

I am proud to have lost 12.8kg and 60cm, and improved my fitness score from 33 to 62! I have much more energy to run around after my three-year-old and physically feel so much more alive – I don’t know how else to explain it!

I celebrated yesterday by cleaning out my wardrobe – it was nice to have so many clothes that were too big! I feel amazing and so proud that after so much self-doubt I made this happen for myself and my family.

Elisia Coetzee: lost 11kg

I look and feel so much more energetic! I’m very proud of myself for consistently sticking to my goal.

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