How to Add Flavour for 10 Calories or Less


Sometimes, a simple snack (or meal) needs a little flavour to make it seriously tasty.

Unfortunately, that can mean a swipe of butter or a sprinkling of sugar, which can increase your calories quickly.

Here are 10 simple flavour ideas that all contain less than 10 calories per teaspoon, so you’re getting maximum flavour with minimal impact!

Chopped fresh chillies

Add red chilli to stir fry or scrambled eggs or jalapeños to salads and stews.

Fresh lemon juice and rind

Squeeze over salads, vegetables, meat, fish, cold pastas or avocado on toast for a fresh kick. It also doubles as an awesome salad dressing when combined with olive oil or tahini.

Crushed garlic

In my house, this gets added to everything – baked veggies, warm salads, stir fry, pasta, etc.

Chopped fresh coriander

A great way to jazz up curries, lunchtime wraps, salads and meats. It looks great as a garnish as well!

Grated ginger

This is the perfect addition to any soup! If you’re feeling a little under the weather, pop some in a cup of tea.

Ground black pepper

It’s a humble classic and works well in just about anything.

Ground cinnamon

Add this to Greek yoghurt, porridge, baked apple slices or banana on toast.


Sprinkle over fruit, baked vegetables or pop some in your banana smoothie for a flavour kick.

Vanilla extract

Another great one to add to yoghurt and porridge. Pick up vanilla extract (rather than essence) or vanilla pods.


Delicious in salads or sparkling water with a slice of lime and cucumber.

Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet
Erica is a dietitian and trainer on the 12WBT Support Crew. She has completed a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and loves helping people to enjoy, and have fun with, delicious food. With 10 years of experience as a Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor, Erica thrives on coaching people to move their bodies, sweat and get excited about reaching for big (and little) goals!

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