5 Tips for a Guilt-Free Easter

Eating a hot-buttered Hot Cross Bun or gooey chocolate egg is one of life’s great pleasures.

However if you are keen to keep things in moderation this weekend, here are some expert 12WBT tips!

1. Choose quality over quantity

If you receive baskets of eggs from friends, co-workers or family, choose wisely!

“Chose a smaller chocolate that you’re really going to love and take time to enjoy it, rather than eating lots of really not-awesome chocolate, just because it’s there,” says 12WBT lead nutritionist Georgie Moore.

2. Opt for a hollow egg

Hollow eggs often come in at the same weight as solid eggs, but the difference is in the eating.

Georgie says: “People tend to pick at the hollow eggs but the solid tends to just go down in one gulp!”

Keeping this in mind will mean eating your eggs will take longer, and you won’t be consuming unnecessary calories.

3. Go for dark chocolate

The darker the better! It’s true that the antioxidants found in cocoa (the main ingredient in chocolate) is good for your heart and body, but it’s also true that the excess sugar, butter and milk powder in milk or white chocolate means those benefits are lost.

Stick with good-quality dark chocolate (think 70% cocoa or higher) to get the benefits AND flavour.

4. Remember to enjoy it!

Health experts are human too – and most of them love chocolate! They just enjoy it in moderation. Choose your eggs, savour them without guilt, and move on.

5. Finally, here’s a handy comparison chart

Before you reach for that fourth egg, don’t forget to check our chart for just how long you’ll need to exercise to work it off!

Which Easter Egg Is Healthiest?

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  1. Oh man…will I ever eat chocolate again? Do you have a good hot cross bun receipe by any chance? How does that compare?

  2. I have just joined .I have not done any exercise for about 25 years. I’m getting close to 50 and decided I need to do something now

    1. That’s great Sandra! Which program are you doing?

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