The 5 Things We Swear By To Staying Fit And Healthy In The Summer

Summer is always such a positive and uplifting time of the year, especially if the winter has felt like it dragged on forever! Summer is also that time of the year where we experience longer days, warmer weather and a desire to be outdoors as much as we can. So how can we best prepare ourselves to enjoy wonderful health and wellness during this time, and really experience all that summer has to offer?

These tips below might be a helpful place to start.

Drink plenty of water

Now this is something that we know we should be doing ALL year round but it’s even more crucial in the summer.  With the heat, we tend to sweat a lot more and our levels of perspiration affect the amount of water we need to stay hydrated. 

As a general guide, you should aim to drink 30ml for every kg you weigh. So if you weighed 100kgs, you should drink 3L per day and allow for more (up to 1L) in the heat and while training.

Follow the basic rules:

  • a) Drink if you’re thirsty
  • b) During exercise, drink water every 15-20 minutes
  • c) Want a simple test for hydration? Look at the color of your urine. It should be pale in colour. Yellow/Dark yellow is a sign of dehydration and you should drink up!

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Enjoy exercise outdoors

We have the luxury of more daylight hours to enjoy being active outside so we really don’t have any excuses!

Utilise the lighter mornings to get your workout done earlier, and to avoid training in the heat of the day. Take advantage of the great outdoors on the weekends for bike rides, swims, trips to the beach or walks in nature. You could even catch up on all those outdoor jobs like gardening or mowing the lawns. Just be sure to wear protective clothing, a hat and sunscreen (and keep that water bottle handy)

Wear sunscreen

This should become a daily ritual like brushing your teeth. Did you know that we’re actually supposed to wear sunscreen everyday? That’s right – it’s not just for use when we’re at the park or going for a swim. So create space in your day to apply it. Perhaps after your morning shower. It’s not often those days at the beach that make you most vulnerable, but the daily doses to the sun that can cause the most damage.

Cook on the BBQ

The last thing you may feel like doing on those hot summer evenings is to spend loads of time cooking inside on the hot stovetop or feel the oven heating up the whole house.

Keep dinners simple and light by throwing together a lovely summer salad and grilling some lean protein on the barbie! A perfect dinner, if you ask me! 

Here’s a recipe I love: Warm Lamb, Pumpkin And Pomegranate Salad

 Start each day mindfully and gratefully

Some mornings we might feel as though we bowl into the day and hit the ground running. Life can feel busy and hectic but with a different approach, we can help to set a different precedent. I recommend waking up 15 mins earlier than usual (it might help as the sun streams in the window and the birds are chirping!) to practice some meditation or to write in a gratitude journal.

What do you want to achieve this summer? Are your motivation levels sky high, but you just don’t know where to begin? Why not try 12WBT! Visit our website today, to learn more about our healthy meal plans, workout plans, mindset lessons and discover a community of Aussies who have got your back! Healthy, happy lifestyles start with 12WBT!
Dane Pollock, BPED
Dane is an experienced Support Crew member in our Trainer/Fitness team and has always been passionate about helping people to live their healthiest and most rewarding lives. After completing a Bachelor in Physical Education, her initial plan of becoming a PE teacher took a turn as she started teaching Group Fitness at Les Mills and went on to train as a Personal Trainer. Group Fitness then took her travels globally as she worked as a trainer and presenter for Les Mills in Australia, the UK and NZ and as a Group Fitness Manager across various clubs around the world. As an avid runner, Dane loves looking after our 12WBT runners.

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