How to Stay Hydrated When it’s Cooler

Do you find it difficult to drink enough fluids during the cooler months? If you answered yes, you’re not alone! The cooler weather means we tend to think more about staying warm, and less about staying well hydrated.

With this in mind, we’ve put together our top five tips for staying well hydrated this coming winter.

1. Eat Your Fluids

Deliciously healthy broth-based soups are not only warming, but can also be very hydrating. Most fruits and vegetables are around 90% water, so you can fill up on these as low calorie, hydrating food options.

2. Love Your Water Bottle

Just because it’s getting cold, don’t lose sight of all of the benefits of the water bottle! With a water bottle you know exactly how much water you’re drinking, and when you’re struggling to get through your two litres per day, you can add a little something to add some sparkle!

Try some lemon, some cucumber, a stick of cinnamon, or a sachet of Green Tea in 3 Seconds. There’s no added sugar in any of these options, zero calories, but they all add a delicious taste, so be sure to experiment!

3. Choose Your Drinks Carefully

Choosing drinks that are high in sugar, caffeine, or calories means that you’re working against your body – and away from your weight loss goals. Avoiding drinks that contain any artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame and saccharin) is also best. Recent research is suggesting these ingredients may damage gut flora, and can create changes similar to those linked to obesity and diabetes. (4.)

Try to choose drinks that you know are health-promoting. The simple things like water, tea, and fresh vegetable juices are a great place to start.

4. Make Your Water a Routine Priority

Creating regular routines around your water intake such as having a large glass of water half an hour before each meal, or first thing when you wake up can add hundreds of mls to your daily intake with minimal fuss.

5. Swap Your Latte For A Green Tea!

Choosing a cup of green tea instead of a full cream latte will instantly save you 155 calories, and boost your antioxidants.

What’s more, tea counts towards your daily fluid intake. So every little cup of tea you enjoy throughout the day is not only bringing you all of the health benefits of the tea leaves, but also working to keep you happy, healthy and hydrated.

Research shows that green tea, especially when combined with exercise, promotes fat burning, boosts the metabolism, and increases endurance. It also has some great anti-ageing properties and promotes overall health and well being…so what are you waiting for?!


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  1. Think I’m drinking plenty fluids coz I loveeeeee water.
    I’m losing cm but weight no really moving as much as is like

  2. Great information, will have to curb my skinny lattes, but do love green tea.
    Thanks Mation.

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