12WBT Blokes: MC Lost Over 16 Kilos

12WBTer MC has lost over 16 kilos in 15 weeks – all while nursing an injury! We spoke to MC about how he did it, his top tips and what’s changed for him.

Choosing The Right Program

I joined 12WBT because I was just sick of being out of shape.  I didn’t like how I looked and how I felt.I started in the Beginner Program. After Round 1 my fitness score is up to 71! Since I have been doing mostly 12WBT Exercise Videos at home I have been doing as many of the Intermediate and Advanced moves as I can.  By the end of the first round I realised I can do a lot of moves in the Advanced Program now.

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The Importance of Support

My wife has been amazing with buying the food and doing a lot of the meal prep and cooking. Without my wife I wouldn’t have been able to eat so well.  Also my mother has been very supportive.  I have also received many positive comments from friends who are amazed at my transformation.

Overcoming Injury

I have been nursing an achilles tendon injury on my left foot throughout this whole 12WBT process – I injured it in Week 1 and just kept on fighting my way through, finding ways to exercise.  It’s still not 100% now but it seems to have just given up being injured and is slowly improving, (four months later) since it can see that I won’t be letting it get in my way!

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MC’s Top Tips

  1. Bloody mindedness.
  2. Stick to the 12WBT Meal Plans like glue!
  3. Cycle – often on my cardio days I get out on the bike and ride as hard as I can for one hour.  Saves the legs from the pounding of running.
  4. Make sure you have lots of healthy snacks in the house, like fruit, nuts, low fat yoghurt.
  5. I personally NEVER had any ‘bad snacks’ or ‘treat meal days’ since after eating them I found it was not worth it.
  6. Drink lots of water!
  7. Watch ALL the Mindset Videos and self reflect all the time, especially when faced with wanting to detour away from the plan.
  8. Be mindful and think about EVERYTHING before it goes in your mouth and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”.
  9. Have a set of scales on your kitchen bench at all times to weigh food correctly
  10. Make exercising as often as possible a priority, and when you exercise, go as hard as you can!
  11. Do a yoga class or the Stretch & Core Day once a week – I found it really helped with my flexibility.

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