Mish’s Winter Winners For The Colder Months!

Finding it hard to maintain your usual routines and rituals now that the temperature has dropped? Well, believe it or not – ME TOO! 

Rural living has got me good, and as a resident of what I’m calling “the coldest place in Australia”, I know what it feels like to want to hit snooze and spend the day in my dressing gown. 

Aside from a well-stocked fireplace and a good cup of coffee, there’s a few hero products that are helping me get up and get moving during winter!  

The Right Gear

A good outfit always puts a spring in my step, so I’m a big believer in organising my clothes before I hit the sack. It’s one less thing to think about in the morning, so I can layer up, rug up and battle the cold. 

For the true ‘roll out of bed’ experience, feel free to skip the pj’s and sleep in your clothes!

Longline Puffer Vest (size 8-16) $40 

Boasting a longline design and luscious quilted fabric, the MB Active Puffer is my ‘life essential’. From school runs to gym runs and meetings to playdates, I am wearing this EVERYWHERE right now. 

Style tip: I like to wear mine a little oversized to maximise that ‘doona like’ comfort. 

Sculpt Legging (size 8 – 14 and 16 – 26) $35

With comfort comes confidence and I always feel a million bucks in these! Designed to flatter and function, the MB Active Sculpt Leggings are made for ‘all day’ wear. 

With a thick, ‘squat proof’ fabrication and smoothing power mesh panels, these babies will deliver the kind of snug support that will make you want multiple pairs…hence why I have 5.

Slouch Zip Hoodie(size 8 – 14 and 16 – 26$35 

Behold my new favourite ‘throw on’ piece! Whether you’re doing it all or doing nothing at all, expect to feel cosy and snuggly all day long. Layering has never been easier and comfort has never looked so luxe!

Knit jogger green (sizes 6-11) $39 

During winter I pretty much rotate between slippers and sneakers, and it’s fair to say that wearing these is like walking on a dream! 

Superior style matched with superior comfort – they take winter looks to the next level with their stunning knit fabrication and chunky, textured sole. 

Printed Fitness Mat $22 

Don’t be fooled into thinking the greatest workouts only happen in gyms – some of my best sweat sessions have happened on my lounge room floor!  

From yoga to HIIT and everything in between, my MB Active Printed Fitness Mat has seen some great workouts (often when the weather is cold and miserable). Available in three vibrant prints, it’s a great way to lift my mood and my energy levels. 

P.s. if you love a mat workout, you’ll love what my 12WBT team and I have in store for you. Stay tuned – we’ve developed a brand new series that’s set to launch in the next few months and I know it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for. 

Meal Prep Containers $18.70 

If I can’t be outside then I’m happy to be making magic the kitchen!

When miserable weather strikes, I take it as an opportunity to whip up some of my favourites from the 12WBT Recipe Index. 

My MB Active Meal Prep Containers provide perfectly portioned storage so I can store, refrigerate and/or freeze for the weeks ahead. It goes a long way in ensuring I’ve always got something delicious and nutritious to reach for on those cold nights!

Deep Tissue Foam Roller $28  

Ever wondered why you’re more prone to muscle soreness and stiffness in winter? Well, cold temperatures and reduced activity are the perfect conditions for it. 

My MB Active Deep Tissue Roller is never far away from me at this time of year and it goes a long way in improving circulation, recovery and performance. 

If you’re time poor, aim to roll at a time when you’d normally be sitting, watching TV. It’s become a time I really look forward to – rolling by the fire, winding down from the day and relieving sore muscles as I go. 

Often the hardest part of Winter is staying motivated and accountable – these products are definitely helping me to stay active, stay healthy and most importantly, stay warm! 

I hope they help you too.

Xx Mish 

Products available in store and online at BIG W Australia


Michelle Bridges, Master Trainer
Michelle is Australia’s most influential personal trainer, a best selling fitness, nutrition and mindset author, a national commentator on weight issues and has thousands of online clients with amazing weight loss results.

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