5 Ways Getting Social Can Help Boost Your Weight Loss

Do you love sharing updates of your weight loss journey on social media? Turns out it could be the key to weight loss success!

Thousands of 12WBTers turn to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day to share their success stories and ask questions, while others use the Member Zone to find inspiration or to follow fellow Members’ transformation journeys.

The good news is that social media has more benefits than simply being a forum to share cute photos of your pet or your latest selfie.

Online Friends = Increased Success

An American study has found that people who are active in online communities are more likely to shed more kilos than those who shy away.

The study, which was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society journal
, followed more than 2000 people who had joined an online health management social networking site to discover what effects online community has on weight loss success.

Interestingly, after six months, it was found that participants with a single contact on the social networking site lost on average 4.1 per cent of their starting weight, while those with 2-9 friends lost 5.2 per cent of their initial body weight.

Online vs Offline

The results were even more impressive for participants who were highly active within the online community, with those with the highest level of connectivity losing up to 8.3 per cent of their body weight.

While previous research has indicated that real-life meetings, where people with similar weight loss or fitness goals come together for support is highly effective, it is clear that ‘cyber support’ can have equally as effective results.

12WBT Online

Consider 12WBT’s online communities. Unlike ‘offline’ groups, 12WBT’s online communities provide Members with an ‘always-on’ network of support, which can improve accountability for a Members’ journey.

There are regular opportunities to ‘check in’ on 12WBT’s official social media accounts and in the Member Zone, while joining a 12WBT Crew can add another level of support and accountability for Members, both online and offline.

Whether it be via 12WBT’s Support Crew, or ever-growing Member network, there is always someone available to offer words of support and encouragement to keep Members on track – day or night!


      1. Follow 12WBT’s official social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Following these accounts will not only keep you up to date with the latest 12WBT news, they will also ensure you stay accountable to your 12WBT journey.
      2. Make the most of Member Zone: As a 12WBT Member, you are granted full access to the Member Zone, where you can communicate with other 12WBTers, post questions about your program and seek out advice from others. Not to mention, the Member Zone is also a fantastic place to post your successes!
      3. Follow other 12WBTers online: It’s much easier to climb to the top with a little help from others, which is why you should try sharing your experiences with like-minded Members online. Many Members post the link to their social media profile in the Member Zone – so take a look and ‘follow’ some new friends.
      4. Create an Instagram account for your 12WBT journey: If you’re struggling with accountability, it may help to create an Instagram account to track your 12WBT journey. Not only is creating an account a great way to communicate with other Members, using the platform to track each step of your journey can help keep you on the straight and narrow. Just remember to tag your photos with #12WBT.
      5. Join a 12WBT Crew: With Crews located right across the country (and even overseas), there is sure to be a 12WBT Crew out there to suit you! Whether you’re looking to find a workout buddy in your local area, or a Member with similar interests, joining a 12WBT Crew is a great way to immerse yourself with a like-minded group of Members.

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