A Fit Friendship – Meet 12WBT Besties Liz and Robyn

Robyn and Liz at Finale

Two women, one goal and a whole lot of support along the way.

When Liz and Robyn signed up for Michelle Bridge’s 12 Week Body Transformation Program, the two Victorian mums were complete strangers. And the last thing either of them expected to gain from the program was a friendship. But they both had similar goals: to overhaul their fitness after having children.

“I was home on maternity leave after having my second child,” Liz, 38, remembers. “I was feeling tired and frumpy when I stumbled across 12WBT through a friend’s post on Facebook. It was time to do something for me!” Later that same year, mum of four Robyn found herself in a similar boat. “I wanted to lose the 10 kilograms I’d gained after my fourth pregnancy, and I wanted to get fitter,” the 42 year old says.

By the time Robyn signed up, Liz was already a 12WBT veteran, and an active presence on the Forums. “My first Round I was a little shy,” Liz says. “I loved reading the forums but didn’t have the confidence to contribute. As I joined subsequent Rounds my confidence grew and I started to become a regular contributor.”

Robyn was a newbie. “I had secretly been following Lizzy’s posts as I’d always found them to be insightful, supportive and inspiring,” she admits. “Plus, she looked incredible in her profile picture taken at a previous Finale Group Workout. Liz was someone I aspired to be like — fit, warm and friendly!” says Robyn.

So Robyn was thrilled when Liz reached out to her in the Forums. “I posted on a thread about mountain climbing —I said I’d love to climb my nearest one, Mt. Buffalo,” remembers Robyn.


Liz and Robyn instantly made a great team!

Liz says, “I responded that perhaps we could do it together and we have been great mates ever since! I invited Robyn to join my team in a local Mad Cow Mud Run, which is a 12 kilometre obstacle course. She didn’t hesitate to join in, and that was the first time we actually met.”

“It was a blast and we connected straight away” Liz says. “We started and finished the Mad Cow challenge together, side by side supporting and cheering each other along all the way to the finish line” she adds.
Despite living two hours apart, the pair have become a constant presence in each other’s lives. “My 12WBT experience strengthened as I found I almost had a virtual training buddy with Robyn,” says Liz. “We could talk every day via text or email about our training sessions and what we found challenging, and when we achieved some personal bests.  Robyn’s support kept me on track.”


Robyn and Liz both look amazing after doing Lean & Strong (Advanced)

Not only did the pair act as each other’s fitness cheerleaders, their support spilled over into other areas, too. “Lizzy’s supported me on a personal level, too, as I’ve been going through marriage separation,” says Robyn. “She’d email, text message, Facebook and call me. She even gave me the push I needed to get myself off to the gym when ‘life’ got a hold on me. I am truly thankful and treasure her for that” Robyn says.

Sharing the journey together has clearly been a special experience for both women, who have achieved major goals with each other’s support. Liz was a Top 10 Transformation finalist in the last Round for Lean and Strong (Advanced) (“a real highlight of my life”) and has just completed her third half-marathon. “I am such a doer now. I’ve a done a triathlon and I can’t swim! I’ve formed special friendships via the web with some people I have never met! I wear bikinis on the beach! My family have a happy wife and mother. And I’ve just enrolled in a food-coaching course to learn more about health and nutrition and to help others, too” says Liz.


Robyn and Liz at the Group Workout – check out those guns!

Meanwhile, Robyn says the program has given her an entirely new outlook on life. “I have regained my self worth and self-confidence—everything has a new perspective in my life. It’s a breath of fresh air. That’s been more of an achievement than any weight loss or strength gain” she says.

And as for that mountain? “We’ve made a rough date for our climb—the longest, five-hour trek—this spring,” says Robyn, “and we’re both looking forward to it!”

Liz’s Stats
Start weight: 59 kilos
Current weight: 52 kilos

Robyn’s Stats
Start weight: 71 kilos
Current weight: 59 kilos

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