Where Aussies Holiday Abroad: Our Top 5 Destinations

You’ve been accumulating your annual leave, saving your pennies and sweating it out to get your body holiday-ready. You’re after a change of scene so are thinking of boarding a flight overseas – how exciting! You just need to decide where to go. When it comes to summer holidays abroad there are five top destinations Australians love to visit time and time again. Here’s what they are and why we love them so much.

1) Lovely New Zealand

It’s no big surprise the number one holiday destination for Australians is just across the Tasman. Visiting our Kiwi cousins is a veritable rite of passage. And what’s not to like? The ‘land of the long white cloud’ is breathtakingly gorgeous. There are snow-capped mountains, picturesque fiords, aqua lakes and stunning national parks. It’s also an adventurer’s wonderland with all sorts of extreme sports on offer.

2) Exciting Indonesia

Number two on the list is, of course, Indonesia – and probably more specifically Bali. Amazing beaches, a rocking nightlife, yummy food and a fascinating culture are a strong pull for Australians. Bali is more than just a place though – it’s also a tropical state of mind, which is why in January it attracts a whopping 80,000 Australian tourists.

3) Amazing America

Coming in a close third is the mighty U.S. of A. Why do nearly 60,000 Aussies face a day’s worth of flying to visit the ‘land of the free’ in January alone? Simply because of the plethora of tantalising things to see and do in America. From shopping and sightseeing (hello Grand Canyon!) to music, movies, celebrities, food and culture … the list continues.

4) Tantalising Thailand

Over 44,000 Aussies board flights to Thailand in January to spend their summer holidays. Why? It’s simple. Thailand is beautiful, exotic, inexpensive and simply a great holiday destination. There’s the bustle of Bangkok to discover, beautiful beaches to walk along, ancient temples to marvel at and lush green jungles to explore.

5) Wonderful Malaysia

Another of Southeast Asia’s gems, Malaysia is the fifth most popular overseas holiday destination for Australians to visit in summer. Between gorgeous beaches, great scuba diving, tropical islands, pristine jungles, amazing shopping and delicious food, it’s not hard to see why.

Tip: Watch your Waistline While Holiday Eating!

You’ve waited your whole life to visit France and you’re finally in ‘gay Paris’. What’s the first thing you do? Head to the closest boulangerie, bottle shop and deli, grab a baguette, a dozen croissants, a bottle of real champagne, the gooiest, stinkiest cheese and plonk yourself under the Eiffel Tower to gorge on your feast and people watch. Well, maybe. But holiday eating does not have to mean a post-holiday food baby. It’s okay to indulge, you are on a break, but be mindful of the added calories and portion sizes when eating out. Your waistline and bad habits can creep up very quickly and you don’t want to undo all of your hard work, so say NO to that second scoop of gelato!

Tip: Get Fit While Sightseeing

The great thing about being on holiday is you’re away from your car.  Unless you hire one to travel long distances, the best way to get around and really see your destination is on foot. This incidental exercise is free, fun and safe. Imagine strolling down cobbled pathways in Prague, getting the sand of the Egyptian desert in your sandals or losing yourself in labyrinthine tunnels of Rome. Sigh.

If cycling is your thing, hire two wheels and ride your way around. It’s a cheap and enjoyable alternative to going on foot – you could even go on a cycle tour. Just don’t forget to pack your camera in your backpack!

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