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Introducing mum-of-two Anita. By simply following Mish’s instructions and sticking to her Exercise and Meal Plans like glue, she lost 42.5kg and has never felt better.

Staring Back at Herself

After two pregnancies, 12WBTer Anita had put on weight. Suffering from postnatal depression, she gained even more weight due to her medication. Then, when she saw pictures from a friend’s wedding, Anita sat down and cried – she knew she needed to make a change.

“I really didn’t know I was that big,” she says. “It was like a punch in the face for me, a big wake-up call.”

A friend had just completed her first 12WBT Round and was so pleased with the program that she called Anita to tell her all about it. It was the motivation Anita needed, and with only one day before the cut-off date she joined up.

“It was the best decision of my life and I’ve never looked back,” she says.

In her first Round, Anita lost 15kg and felt like a new woman. Even so, she signed up for another Round and kept challenging herself.

One Step at a Time

Anita’s plan was simple – to do what she was told! “I did exactly what was in front of me. I followed the Meal Plans and Exercise Plans to the T, watched all of Michelle’s videos and heard all the podcasts,” she says.

Looking at herself in the mirror each day and seeing changes happening all the time kept her going. “The first week’s weight loss was a huge motivator, losing 2.4kg – a huge effort for me at the time. It all seemed to work for me.”

Her family enjoyed the new menu, too – something that was very important for this working mum. The dishes were quick and easy to make, which was good because “no-one needs to be standing in the kitchen for hours cooking meals,” she says.

Smarter Food Choices

Making healthy food choices has become second nature to Anita. “I’ve found now I’m always looking for the best option when choosing food, whether it’s at the supermarket or out for lunch or dinner.”

She chooses smaller portions, with loads of vegies to keep her full and feeling great. She still indulges – but wisely.“I do still have a treat, but it’s small and will satisfy any cravings I may have. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but 12WBT taught me to change my mindset,” she says. “It’s shown me ways to have a healthy but happy lifestyle for the rest of my life – not just a short time.”

Loving Her New Life

Anita’s come a long way since starting the program and she vows never to go back to how she was. She’s kicked old habits to the kerb, and replaced them with new healthy habits.

“I love who I am and I keep a picture of my first day of 12WBT on my mirror so that I never go back to that person again,” she says. “I was unhappy and turning into a hermit because going out was too hard for me.”

Anita’s final step? Donating her “big clothes” to charity. She knows that if her clothes are getting tight the weight is creeping back on, and has decided to “never keep big clothes in the house because if they’re not there, you can’t go fitting back into them again.”

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