Meet Our Amazing June Round Winners

We know that all our 12WBTers are truly awesome, but each round we shout out a few that we (and our 12WBTers) reckon are outstanding members of our team.

Our 12WBT Transformers wowed us with their transformations – both inside and out – and our 12WBT Heroes were nominated by a fellow 12WBT member who saw them go above and beyond in encompassing the 12WBT spirit.

Here, they take us through the biggest lifestyle change they’ve implemented since doing the program.


I am so proud that my family are no longer regular takeaway eaters.  I cook every night, and have lunches ready to go the next day.  I have never eaten such good lunches!”


“I no longer drink soft drinks! I invested in a soda stream. I put lemon, lime cucumber mint etc in it. I drink water a lot and diet coke is no longer an issue.”


I keep an exercise journal and make notes that I think are relevant or interesting. I note my run times and yoga class attendance and so on…”


“The main lifestyle change I have made is understanding that I can have delicious meals while losing weight; it’s not all lettuce and carrots. The recipes have taught me so much about cooking healthy meals.

My family love so many of the meals and they have become part of our family now.”


The most amazing and challenging change I made was to give up all alcohol for 12WBT, i.e. not a drop since I started my journey. I intend to keep this under strict control moving forward – not saying no wine, just saying less wine!”


The best lifestyle habit I’ve implemented is bushwalking on a weekend. I love it! What could be better than walking in nature, seeing the beauty, breathing in the freshness and soaking in the awesome positive vibes the earth pushes out?!”


I have now incorporated exercise into my everyday routine – no excuses! I have also gained the ability to be super organised in the kitchen and do meal prep to ensure the whole family eats well.”


I love having a meal plan. As a working mum having food planned for the week is one less stress. Also I have really enjoyed getting up early and exercising. Something I look forward to continuing.


I’m committed to exercise five days a week for at least 30 minimum a day and following a healthy meal plan. I’m so much more organised with the meals and really focusing on more healthy food choices for my entire family.”

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