Meet Our Amazing March 18 End of Round Winners

At the end of each round, we always ask members to nominate either themselves for a Top Transformer award, or another member for a 12WBT Hero award. We always get inundated with amazing members wanting to celebrate one another.

Here are some of the 12WBT March Round winners sharing a little part of their journey to success!


I thought turning 50 would be a bit sad knowing my best years were behind me, but I feel mentally stronger and more in control of my life now. I’m now ready to make every day count more than ever before.

Being organised with the weeks meals planned an prepared in advance has removed the temptation to pick up takeaway during our busy week. I’ve renewed my love of cooking can always find a healthy recipe option to satisfy any weekend cravings.

To ensure I don’t skip any workouts, I change into my exercise gear as soon as I get home from work. On weekends, it’s activewear on first thing in the morning. I trick myself into thinking ‘if I’m dressed for it – I’ll do it’.



I cook now instead of eating pre-prepared meals, think about what I buy at the shops, consider what needs to be used rather than thrown out, weigh everything and make sure my portion control is perfect. When I eat out I choose the fish of the day meal (unless it is battered or fried) and have loved the meals I have had.

Instead of pouring a wine when I get home from work I make myself a pot of herbal tea. I have bought some new, different flavours and will continue to make that my “getting home from work and relaxing” habit from now on.


Diet is worth more than exercise when it comes to weight loss. By the end of the program, I was so busy at work I was barely able to complete any exercises, but I was still loosing a kilo per week because I was eating from my meal plan and fastidiously tracking every calorie that I put into my body.

So don’t cheat – watch what you eat, where you eat, when you eat and make yourself accountable for every mouthful (this includes drinks!).


I have lost a whopping 12.7kgs so far and a total measurement loss of 41.5cm. I am filled with a newfound exuberance. Now when I come home from work, where I once dreaded the thought of exercising I now feel a burst of excitement and energy.

I have never been so organised with my food choices and look forward to the new weekly menu every Thursday. I print out the recipes and put them in a binder creating my own little ‘cook book’ of sorts.

I am able to move more easily, walk and exercise better. Lots of my aches and pains have disappeared, yay! No more Friday night wine and pizza, or takeaway on Saturdays, when we do go out for lunch or dinner I now choose the healthier option.


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