Meet Our Extraordinary August Round 17 Winners


Reviewed by: Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet

Each round, we select a handful of extraordinary members who smashed their goal and provided constant support to their fellow teammates.

Here, we asked some of our awesome August Round winners on what kept them going when the going got tough – whether it was something small, or a big audacious goal.

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August Round winners: what helped me through 12WBT


“When you’re in the middle of your workout, the moment when you’re deciding how much effort you’re really going to put in, picture yourself in the shorts or bathers you want to wear. I always feel most jiggling doing those burpees or going for that last sprint, so that’s when I commit because I want to look firmer and leaner.”


I’ve been drinking sparkling water to make it feel more special, I can pretend it’s soft drink without the calories! Sometimes it even goes into a wine glass for a bit more of a lift.”


If I were to indulge in something I’d buy the best I could afford and savour every mouthful. Too often you can finish a meal without having tasted anything. Like a friend said once “have a party in your mouth” and enjoy.”


I ‘coach’ myself at times – when I’m mid-run and starting to tire, the inner voice (sometimes outer voice) tells me to keep going, reach a particular landmark ahead before I rest. Before I would just give up sooner than later.”


Before 12WBT, I used to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner almost every night. I’m proud to say that I have not had one drop of alcohol while being on this program, but may have poured some water into a wine glass a few times to trick myself into believing I had!”


I told my boss and co-workers that I was embarking on this program! I was worried how they would react and treat me – however, the support both physically and mentally was amazing! They encouraged me – they went walking with me at lunch – they even got me a second pair of sneakers to leave at my desk, so if I forget to bring mine in, I could still go walking.  They propped me up on my down downs days and celebrated with me on the great days. Don’t underestimate your work colleagues!”

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